In Which I Fail at Math. Again.

Project – Baby Legwarmers (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Jacquards in Orange Blossom
Blogger – JenWKnits

Math has never been my best subject.  I graduated from a top 25 law school, yet I repeated 8th grade algebra.  I have never attempted to change a pattern to make it bigger or smaller.  Until now.

Let’s just say my first attempt didn’t work as planned.  The original pattern was written for a 6 month size and a 12 month size.  The difference in the number of cast on stitches was 12. (44 stitches for the smaller size and 56 stitches for the larger size). I wanted to make these legwarmers for a three year old.  So, I cast on 80 stitches – 24 stitches more than for the 12 month size.

It was too big for my six year old.

My gauge was right – and I still stand behind my mathematical reasoning for 80 stitches.  It was just one of those things.  Maybe leg circumference doesn’t change that much better year 1 and year 3?

Here are the giant legwarmers on their way off the needles.

I’m going to cast on again tonight with 56 stitches and see if that works – maybe I can just increase the length instead of the width?  We shall see.



Kids legs don't change circumference all that much. As they start to walk if anything some even get smaller . unless you are knitting for a pudgy child you might try going up just 4 stitches and lengthening them to fit. Cute pattern!

Oh it is so NOT math. It is experience. I LOVE math and I am consistently having the same troubles since I'm modifying almost every pattern for one reason or another (usually gauge for a yarn substitution). I'm hoping another few months of projects will make me more intuitive about these things. Feel better that you are not in this boat alone!

I am having trouble sewing together the baby jacauards-Parquest blanet. I have the gauge correct but when you sew it together it stretches out of shape. I need HELP

Hi Linda - the BernatCares forum would be the perfect place to discuss this issue. Otherwise, the pattern support folks at are always available to help out as well.

I agree with Tricia's post. I'm currently modifying a Bernat pattern for legwarmers for my young adult daughter, and I think there's only 46 sts in the circumference. There is, however a change in needle size from 5 for the cuff to 8 for the body of the legwarmer.