When You Find the Perfect Pattern

Project – Chevron Scarf
Bernat Pattern Book #530196 Show Your Stripes
Yarn – Bernat Jacquards in Jade Jacquard
Blogger – JenWKnits

One of my favorite things about knitting is that it eases my stress.  I am a naturally tense person and this month has been particularly hectic.  Some of the hectic is good – in that way that May always brings recitals, parent teacher conferences, and parties.  Some of the hectic is not so good– in that this May brought surgery for our dog and other unexpected stresses.

By the end of each day I am worn out and ready to relax with my knitting.  I’m excited to tell you that this Chevron scarf pattern is just the perfect pattern to ease the stress!  The pattern is a two row repeat, each of which is easy to memorize and just exciting enough to be a nice change from the month long garter stitch project I just finished.

Look at the detail so far:

(This picture has some of all of the colors from the yarn in it)

I love it!   Do you?



I really love how that scarf is working up. I'm bad for substituting yarn I have on hand instead of buying what the pattern calls for but your picture shows exactly why a particular yarn is recommended in the first place. Looking forward to seeing it finished. (and maybe a hat to go with?) Eva

Thanks Eva! I substitute yarn often too - actually I usually fall in love with a yarn and then find a pattern that suits it. This time it worked well for me since I liked the yarn and pattern :) Thanks for your nice words about this project. A hat is a great idea!