But What is It?

So when last we chatted, I had forgotten my Michelle pullover, but had a lovely pile of Patons Canadiana, the New Generation sitting there waiting to be cast on. But what I neglected to tell you is what the heck I was planning on doing with it.

Shame on me.

Well, here it is:

The Mom's Sweater, which is free pattern. I actually saw someone else with this sweater and thought it so cool, and then to my delight discovered it was not only a Patons pattern, but a free pattern to boot. Hurrah on both counts. The original sweater is shown in Patons Decor or Patons Classic Wool, both of which are great choices. But I have had this thing for the New Patons Canadiana ever since I knit my T-Rex. It is so nummy soft. I know I say that every time I talk about the yarn, but it is soft. And all I could think while I was knitting that darn dino, was what a wonderful sweater it would make. The Candadiana, not the dino.

So I made the best substitutions that I could and came up with this palette for the fair isle portion:

Not that there aren't endless color possibilities over there on the Canadiana page. Check it out.

What do you think? What colors would you pick?



My monitor makes the 3rd from left look like a muddy greenish gray...even so, I can visualize what it should look like and the palette is really clean looking. I have so much blue and white in my home, think I'd go with cream and greens, yes?

That is going to look lovely! I would pick a pink/peach colorway. That is if I were crazy enough to tackle that sort of thing. Whenever I do colorwork my head hurts and I find myself swearing more than usual.

You know...I think I would use the blues too, however, the shades of purples in Canadiana with those "currant" shades are pretty darned sharp too! Oh crap, why oh why did I even look??!!