Welcome to the Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along!

Welcome to the Bernat
Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along!

A Crochet-Along (or CAL for short) is simply a group of crocheters all working on the same project at the same time. That way you always have lots of support, inspiration and help from a like-minded group of people if you run into any problems. My name is Laura and I’ll be your host. Each week I’ll be introducing a new clue (part of the pattern) and providing tutorials and helpful tips and tricks.

Every week between now and December 1 we’ll post a clue here on the blog. As you work through the clues an afghan square will appear on your hook – it’s almost like magic. Clues will only appear here on the Bernat blog so tune in each Wednesday to get all the clues you need to complete your mystery afghan. Note – you don’t need to register in advance to participate. Just come by and let us know how you’re doing in the comments. If you have trouble, there will be other folks out there happy to help!

When your afghan is finished, send a photo of it to us (either through email or regular mail) to enter our draw. The winner is selected by random draw. The winner will receive the yarn and pattern to make the Bernat afghan of their choice.  For details on the contest and rules, visit http://bernat.com/contestrules/

You’ll need the following materials to complete your afghan:

Bernat Softee Chunky  (100g / 3.5oz; 164/180 yds)

Contrast A – We used Natural (39008) – 6 balls
Contrast B – We used Forest (39243) – 2 balls
Contrast C – We used Topaz (39514) – 2 balls
Contrast D – We used Lavender (39307) – 2 balls
Contrast E – We used Fern (39222) - 7 balls

You need a 6mm (U.S. J or 10) crochet hook, or size needed to obtain the pattern gauge of 11 sc and 12 rows.

Of course you don’t have to use the same colors that we do. Choose colors that match/coordinate with your decor or just colours that appeal to you in combination.

And if you don’t have a lot of crochet experience you needn’t worry. The clues range from beginner to easy level and progress in difficulty each week. This will allow you to build on the knowledge you’ve gained in previous weeks. What a great opportunity to expand your skills while creating a useful and beautiful item!

If you have any questions about the afghan, the requirements, the contest, or anything at all, please take a look at our FAQ– it answers lots of those questions. If you still have a question, email Crochetalong@bernat.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

I’ll meet you here next Wednesday with our first clue and first tutorial.

Happy crocheting!



Hi Laura! So excited about the first clue! Can't wait til next week. :)

I'm joining.

I am going to join too! Not sure about this posting stuff but will do my best.

I would love to crochet alonge, but the entire afghan will take 19 balls = approx $60--a little too pricey Susan

COUPONS!!! I used Joann's 40% off coupons - had 6 of them during Coupon Commotion I think LoL AND since they're selection was very poor in the store I Joann.com'd rcvg 30% off my whole order. AND thru an online site I'll even get 5% back from that too! Making my blanket apprx $42 (yes tax included)

Where can I get coupons or code to order yarn. I didn't think I would have time to do this but surprise!!!!^_^

How to I log in to this blog???

I'd like to know that, too.

I too don't know how to blog on this site. I can read all the comments, etc, but am quite baffled as to how to connect with others. Help!!

My yarn arrived today and I am so excited about this Mystery Afghan project. I have never done it before.

My yarn arrived on Saturday the 18th and I am exciting about starting. I can't wait until tomorrow to get here. I ordered all the same colors you recommended and can't wait to see how it will work up. I have been crocheting for over 45 years and look forward to working with everyone on this project. I hope to give it to my husband who is always cold!

What colors did you get or is that a secret? lol

go all the way to the bottom of the comments here and there is a place that says "Leave a reply" or under each persons comment is the underlined word 'reply' in red - just click on it and you are on your way!

I am concerned about being able to blog. I am a novice with computers.

I'm ready to begin too!

I can do reply, but have not clue how to register to start a blog = since you did, perhaps you can assist. Thanks in advance.

go all the way to the bottom of the comments here and there is a place that says “Leave a reply” or under each persons comment is the underlined word ‘reply’ in red – just click on it and you are on your way!

I love this concept! I can do a little each week and have an afghan by Christmas! I changed the pattern for this square, it seemed a bit too simple. I did the sc in the back loop only, and criss-crossed the dc. The result is rows of x's with a ridge on top. It looks really neat!

I'd like to be in on the afgan project! Can't wait until next week!

I can't wait to get started!! :)

My yarn is ready to go. Send on that first clue!!!

I got my yarn in the mail today! I'm more of a knitter, but decided to try this project to develop my crochet skills. Looking forward to the first instructions next week!

I got my yarn in the mail today too! I'm very excited about the mystery afghan. It won't be too long before we can get started.

Me too Robin. I have been knitting for about a year and loving new challenges like learning to crochet. I think this project will take us frombeginner to advance quick!

I got my yarn in the mail today for the Mystery Afghan. I ordered the exact colors that were listed in the insructions. The yarn is so soft and beautiful! I am so excited and cannot wait to get started on this project. I love a challenge and this will most definately be one!

It says "pattern gauge of 11 sc and 12 rows", does this equal 4"? Got my yarn yesterday, will be fun!

That right, it's 11sc and 12 rows in 4 inches.

I am left handed and I want to make sure there isn't any problem with me crocheting the Mystry Afghan. Also I don't crochet tight and with a "J" hook my sample was only about half the size it needed to be..... HELP

I assume you're using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn? I don't know why your gauge swatch would be so small with a J hook if you don't crochet tightly, so that's the only thing I can think of. Left-handed shouldn't matter. Maybe try again with a K or even L hook.

I am a "lefty" too. The only problem I have ever had is doing color work...it is on the back side of the work!

I have never been able to obtain the gauge suggested. When I have the correct number for height, the width is not within the gauge, so I always work width and add extra or less for height. Suggestions?

I can't afford to do this project right now but am sending the pattern to my work email so i can print them off and will hopefully be able to start by end of Oct. Good luck everyone with your projects. :) :) :)

I got my yarn yesterday. I bought enough to make two afghans. One is in a Red, White & Blue theme and the other in the colors of my niece's decor. I am so excited! This yarn is so soft and it wil be the first time that I have participated in something like this. I will be trying for my Master Crochet Certificate this winter and thought this would be a good project to practice a variety of stitches! Why do we have to wait another week... it will seem like a month because of my excitement. Time pass quickly so we can start!

Wow, Master Crochet Certificate ...what's that all about....that sounds very exciting....

yes please explain this how do you do that and what do you have to do to do that and what/how do you climb up the ladder to do that.

I have completed the crochet masters workbook, waiting for the review. Scared, haven't been "graded" in years! Check out Crochet Guild Of America's website.

would love to know more about the master crochet certificate and how to get one

What is a master crochet certificate, and what do you do to earn one? Sounds very interesting! I cannot wait til we start our project! I have been waiting for a month at least!

I never thought of patriotic colors for this, but now that you mention it, I think that is going to look great!!!! Nice choice, Dia.

I hope you get your Certificate. Good Luck!!

Hi, I'm using a red, white and blue theme as well. I made a vow to use yarns in my stash only but HAD to participate in this, my first CAL, so purchased 2 balls of Faded Denim for a fifth color. My other colors (from my stash. . .really!) are Berry Red, New Denim Heather, Grey Heather & White. Do you have colors other than red, white & blue. If so, I'm curious what you chose. It will be fun to see how these turn out.

My yarn arrived today and i'm ready to start.

Haven't received my yarn yet hoping it will come in soon !! This will be my first Crochet-Along looking forward to beginning. Thanks

Since I am a left-handed crochet-er I am hoping there are no swirls. I go around clockwise and right handers go counterclockwise. I have to read swirl patterns backwards (sort of). Looking forward to new designs as we progress along.

Yarn has been shipped (Monday) and I'm excited as well. However, your question regarding lefties has me a bit concerned as well since I'm a leftie. Anyone heard/know anything about lefties? I did not see anything on the first blog so I did not think about this.

google crochet lessons for lefties and you'll find sites. There are sites with videos on how to's

I'm a leftie as well, hope we won't have any problems!

I'm a lefty too.....never had any past problems following patterns...hopefully all will go well.

I'm also left-handed and have never had a problem. I've been crocheting for more than 30 years. I know some people talk about having to reverse things in the pattern, but I've always just followed the directions exactly as written and never had any problems. However, I don't worry about which direction a spiral goes as long as it makes a spiral. I've never done a project where the direction of a twist or spiral was important as long as you made all of them the same. Unless you have a picture from the pattern pinned to the finished project, who's going to know if they look exactly alike? I like to think of minor differences as putting my personal touch on the design.

Lefties unite! :D My yarn just came in today and I am soooo excited!! This is the first CAL I've done too. I picked my own colors and I think (hope!) it'll be great!