Weave, Weave, Weave Us Together*

Project – Mitered Blocks Blanket
Patons Pattern Book #500878 – Beehive Bundles
Yarn – Patons Beehive Baby Chunky
Blogger – Andrea K2Tog

Due to multiple color changes, the squares in my Mitered Blocks Blanket have an obscene number of ends to be woven in. A decision must be made at the completion of each and every square – weave now or weave later? (I say each and every square because I couldn’t possibly make the decision once and be done with it. My procrastinating brain is constantly negotiating deals).

So far I have been weaving in ends on each square as soon as it’s done. I don’t like doing this but I know if I wait until the end to do them all I will regret it. And there’s all that seaming to be done as well, so….weave now it is. At least until the next square is done, when I repeat the entire mental negotiation process once again.

*This is, in fact, a song. Sung at a certain religious retreat while standing in a circle and holding hands. I was a pastor’s kid, I was forced to do a lot of embarrassing things. Ask me about “Old Fashioned Sunday” sometime.



You'll be so happy at the end with all those ends woven in. Keep telling yourself that.