We didn't meet cute

It wasn’t love at first sight. My relationship with crochet had a rocky start.

I’m a very independent person, and proud of that fact. I taught myself to knit, to spin, to weave. I can teach myself to crochet, right? Not so much. I gave crochet a couple tries over the years but never really got the hang of it. I had too many issues understanding which way the yarn went around the hook based on 2D illustrations.

Fast forward a few years, when I asked a good friend (and crocheter) to teach me how. She showed me the basics, but she was _so_ good that I couldn't break down what she was doing into parts – it was too fluid for me to comprehend. The lesson was a failure, but it’s not like I didn’t have knitting to do anyhow, so I didn’t consider it a big loss.

About a year later, I was expressing to the same friend (and crocheter) my regret for never learning how to crochet. I _may_ have implied she was a lousy teacher, just to tease her a bit. It turned out to be the best insult I ever made. She became determined to teach me how to crochet: step by step, with the ugliest mustard-colored yarn ever, I learned to chain, and then to single crochet, and then to double crochet. At that point there was no stopping me. I immediately made a hat, then two, then three. It was so fast and easy, and (importantly) easy to drop without losing your place.

Since then I crochet a quick hat whenever I need an emergency gift, but that’s about it. I peruse crochet patterns all the time, but haven’t had the guts to try and follow one. I’m still a crochet newbie.

When trying to decide on the perfect pattern to crochet for the blog, I perused Patons pattern book #500868 Next Steps Five: Crochet Guidebook. Several patterns caught my eye, but I got very excited by the granny square-based projects. Grabbing the closest yarn and hook, I followed the instructions step-by-step and created my first granny square. It was so easy and fun! And it looks awesome!


focusing is overrated

I need to follow this granny square love to its conclusion, but how? I like the afghan pattern in Next Steps Five, but I am more in the mood for creating one big piece instead of lots of little ones.

Et Voila!

The Stained Glass Window Afghan – a free pattern crocheted in Patons Décor. It’s a giant rectangular granny square.

Taking my initial blueberry colored swatch and this afghan as inspiration, I’m going to make something a little different. Instead of a rectangle, I’m sticking to the ordinary square shape. And I like large repeats of color, so I’m skipping the single-row stripes. I’m not exactly rattling the foundations of the crochet world here, but I’m very excited to make something that so perfectly fits what I want.

The problem with winging it... what yarn? What gauge? What colors? Oy.



I reckon that as long as you keep the same yarn weight and laundering type, you should be good. But then, I'm not too fussy about blankets. With traditional granny square blankets you do have to pay attention to gauge since all the squares have to end up at least approximately the same size, but it doesn't seem like you'd have the same issue here.

One of the greatest things about granny squares, in my mind, is that you get to use up stash to make a "crazy quilt" of sorts. That's what makes them so beautiful. Your road to crochet is rather similar to mine, except my expert is the online community. Good luck with this project!!