Waverly for Bernat Color Tutorial

Mystery knit- and crochet-alongs are a lot of fun–you get to meet new people, learn new techniques, and make an afghan–but they can seem daunting when you’re tasked with finding the perfect shades of yarn for a big project you haven’t seen yet. Don’t worry: we’re here to help! Today on the Bernat Blog we’ve asked some very special guests to help you choose the best Waverly for Bernat shades to suit your Waverly for Bernat mystery afghan!

Before we begin, let's look at what you need for your afghan.

Required afhgan materialsAnthony Noberini, Design Director for Home at Waverly, discusses Waverly’s history, “lifestyles” and how to choose the  lifestyle that’s right for you. Zoe Nemetz, Home Product Designer at Waverly,  will show us photographs of various living rooms and how to choose shades for  your afghan so you pick the perfect colors to complement your home!

If you’re new to our Waverly for Bernat Mystery Knit-along and Crochet-along, visit us on the Bernat Forums for information on how to get started!

Waverly for Bernat logoBernat Blog (BB): Can you tell us a little about the history of Waverly?

Anthony Noberini (AN): Waverly has always been a premier decorator brand, established in 1923. Close to 89 years later, we continue to produce great designs, fantastic fabrics, and we are still known as one of the most important design houses for innovation and affordable fabrics.

BB: The Waverly for Bernat yarn shades were chosen to perfectly match specific Waverly fabrics. Why did Waverly decide to expand into the yarn world?

AN: Our strength in color palettes is one of the reasons why we decided to move into the yarn market. We wanted to work with a leader in the industry that can offer the consumer the option of color coordination, suitable for any decor. We want to offer knitters and crocheters the option of creating additional decorative products, handcrafted by themselves, in our up-to-date color palettes. Whether it's an afghan, knit throw, accessory pillow, or craft project with the kids, we want the consumer to feel confident and comfortable with their color choices.

BB: Waverly fabrics and Waverly for Bernat yarns are organized into “lifestyles.” What are these, and why does Waverly organize its products this way?

AN: Our lifestyles are a simple way of describing the Waverly home decor styles. We all have very different tastes when it comes to our homes and decorating, so we have captured six 'themes' or 'looks' and most of us fit into a particular category.

BB: Currently Waverly for Bernat offers four lifestyles: Past Perfect, Beautiful Things, Town and Country, and Simplicity. What inspired them, and what sort of person do you envision using each?

AN: The visions behind the individual lifestyles are simple. We are focusing on four key lifestyles for the moment with Waverly for Bernat.

Select Past Perfect yarn and fabrics

We start with Past Perfect, which represents a vintage chic ideal. Linen, cotton blends, fabrics that have a worn, 'broken in' quality, can be found in the Past Perfect lifestyle. The print quality on the fabrics often has a distressed look to create an aged feel to the design.

This consumer is a bit more casual and laid back, and they want their environment to feel comfortable and familiar. When describing this lifestyle I always say, think of that favorite, comfortable, weekend sweater you like to wear. This lifestyle should give you the same feeling!

A small sample of Beautiful Things

Next is Beautiful Things, a lifestyle which leans heavily on the floral theme. Many of these florals can feel classic, but of the late, we have been developing newer looks, such as floral designs in watercolor techniques and more impressionistic florals. We have been pairing these florals with crisp stripes and more graphic prints to create an updated look.

This consumer is more traditional; she tends to be feminine and romantic in her decorating choices.

Town and Country fabrics alongside yarn shades

Town and Country is one of my favorite lifestyles. Here we explore the richness the brand has to offer. The color palette is very rich, deep and jewel in tone; more regal tones come to mind for Town and Country.

The consumer again is classic in their home style, but more opulent in their decor decisions.

Select Simplicity shades

Simplicity explores the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Town and Country. This is our pure, zen lifestyle. Cotton blends, linen-like weaves, and nature-inspired prints, such as leaves and branches, call this lifestyle home. Neutrals and calming, soft hues in pale mist blues, soft celadons and neutrals round out the color story for this lifestyle.

This consumer wants a serene abode, where the hectic, chaotic part of their lives is left at the door; they want to enter into a peaceful, calming sanctuary.

BB: What are some of the initial considerations that should go into selecting shades for a room?

AN: There are many considerations that go into selecting colors for your rooms and it can become overwhelming if you allow it to. Ask yourself: do you like a more classic/traditional design, or do you lean more modern? Do you like both styles mentioned and feel your eclectic side suits you best? There is no wrong answer and you must feel comfortable in your home! When selecting shades for a room, choose tones that make you feel good. Modern spaces don't have to be filled with bright colors, and traditional spaces don't need to be all neutral.

BB: How do you create and use 'mood' in a room?

AN: Balance and contrast work well when creating 'mood' in an environment. Dark tones can look great with an accent of a bright color or a soft, pale neutral. Some simple solutions to create 'mood' are using various tones of the same color to create a tranquil environment.

Various shades of white can create a clean, tranquil feeling. Make sure the white tones aren't too bright or cool, no one likes a too sterile looking environment! Classic colors having the same grayness can create a wonderful, comfortable living space.

These projects should be enjoyable, so have fun with them and don't stress!

Choosing Shades From a Room

BB: Zoe Nemetz gives us some great tips on how to match the shades of yarn to colors in a room. She shows us some living rooms and the shades she would pick for matching afghans, and lets us know what inspired each shade!

If you were to use the recommended shades for each afghan, the shade ratio would look like this:

Mystery Afghan Percentages

These are the general "feels" of each shade.

Crochet Afghan
Main Color (MC) 55008 Birch White - Background color
Contrast A (55200 Aqua Frost - Main color story. A, B, and C should work well together.
Contrast B (55630 Butter) - See A.
Contrast C (55010 Colonial Beige) - See A.
Contrast D (55290 Turtle Green) - Accent shade. Should contrast A/B/C and not be too close in value and shade to them.

Knit Afghan
Contrast A (55500 Porcelain Red) - Highlight shade. It is possibly one of the most prominent shades in the afghan, and will also be used as the border to frame the afghan.
Contrast B (55425 Bitter Rose) - B, C, D, and E are intended to be "mellow blends." They should go well with each other and contrast nicely with A. The effect of all these shades together is the look of a time-worn quilt.
Contrast C (55615 Sundrift) - See B.
Contrast D (55460 Pink Suede) - See B.
Contrast E (55250 Irish Moss) - See B.

With that in mind, we've made images with Zoe's recommended shades so you can see exactly how much of each will be used in the afghans.

Rooms with a 'Waverly' Feel (Knit)

Living Room 3

Zoe Nemetz (ZN): The lifestyle most associated with this living room would be Town and Country. The color and mood of the room reflect the Town and Country color palette and create a warm and inviting environment with a classic feel.

To choose shades for this room, use the décor already in the room and draw inspiration from the colors by pulling out key accents.

Contrast A: 55014 Stone Brown. The main color using the wall paint color and the overall colors in the room.
Contrast B: 55135 Classic Navy. B and D are colors that work well with Contrast A.
Contrast C: 55011 Antique.
Contrast D: 55540 Gypsy Gold. A perfect addition as it lightens up the room and is placed in key spots in the room - the couch, floor, and lighting.
Contrast E: 55530 Tibetan Red. An accent shade drawn from the accent pillows.


Rooms With Many Colors (Knit)

Living room 1

ZN: Based on the use of decorative accents throughout the room and the wall color, the lifestyle associated with this living room would be a combination of Beautiful Things and Town and Country.

To choose shades from this room, use the most prominent décor as a starting point. Then pick up smaller accents that add to the atmosphere.

Contrast A: 55640 Gypsy Gold. Featured on the walls, it’s the most prominent color in the room.
Contrast B: 55500 Porcelain Red. Accents throughout the room. Found on the chair cushions and decorative accessories.
Contrast C: 55615 Sundrift. Works well with the room and doesn't overpower, found in the sofa's color.
Contrast D: 55011 Antique. Accents throughout the room, see Contrast B.
Contrast E: 55135 Classic Navy. Accent shade that brings the room together with a dark pop of color.

Rooms With Minimal Color (Crochet)

Living Room 2ZN: The mood of the room is simple and serene and is most associated with Simplicity. Since the palette is simple, look for the colors that pop against the neutrals. The pillows, greenery, and artwork all have decorative elements.

Main Color: 55008 Birch White. The main color of the room is white, a logical choice for the main color of the afghan.
Contrast A: 55200 Aqua Frost. A, B, and C all work nicely together without competing. The shades are drawn from the accent pillows.
Contrast B: 55630 Butter. See above.
Contrast C: 55010 Colonial Beige. See above.
Contrast D: 55290 Turtle Green. A strong accent shade, the greenery in the room adds a pop of color and works well with the room.

BB: Thank you very much, Zoe and Anthony, for taking the time to give us these shade-hunting tips!

Hopefully you (the reader!) will now feel confident enough to choose your own shades. If you need help visualizing the shades together check out My Palette, and if you aren't finding the perfect combination, we have a list of recommended shade combinations for each lifestyle in knit (PDF, 140KB) and crochet (PDF, 150KB)! Come on over to the Bernat Forums, where we'll be talking about our shade choices! Share with us what you chose, and get to know some of the other participants.

Waverly for Bernat online sale!Photo Credit
Knit Afghan 1 - Living Room by theswedish
Crochet Afghan 1 - My living room by Sammylee
Knit Afghan 2 - Living Room xmas 2007 by JAGwired

1/17/12 Editor's note: The crochet percentage previously posted was incorrect; there is more of the Main Color and less of Contrast D than previously stated. We apologize for this error and the images have been fixed. This image had no influence on the number of balls required, so the afghan yarn requirements remain the same.


Wow that helped big time. Last years color picks I made myself had the afghan looking a bit funky. This should be much better. Yarn ordered, Hook polished, hands exercised . I am ready to start!

I love this yarn!!

count me in -- I'm hoping to use yarn from my stash (which is quite large).

I'm looking forward to being able to participate in this years crochet-along. I missed last years and am disappointed you can no longer access the clues to the afghan (if anyone would be willing to share them with me I would be grateful) as I love the look of the finish product. I'm hoping to be able to use yarn from my extensive stash on this afghan. :) I've been crocheting for years and have just started knitting. I'm going to try to do both afghans, but I'm not sure I will know how to do the knitting. Hope to have fun doing both though.

To Sarah Lavender: actually the clues for the mystery crochet along are still out there. I just checked the blog pages & you can still view & print the PDFs. Start from this page to find the clues: http://blog.bernat.com/category/mystery-afghan-crochet-along/

:(:(:( The blog website must not like me. At first I thought it might be because I was trying to access the clues on my iPad and then my iPhone, but now I am on my computer and I STILL can't access the old CAL clues. :(:(:( Really hoping that doesn't happen to me with the new CAL and KAL clues. If someone has any ideas on why I can't access the clues, I would be appreciative. All of my software is up-to-date and I do have Adobe Reader.

Okay, I will ammend my last comment. I was able to get clues 5-9 to open and download, but I have no such luck being able to open and download clues 1-4 or 10. Maybe someone would be willing to help me out? Please.

Here's the link to the last Crochet- Along in its entirety. hope this helps!

Thank you! I was wondering if it was somewhere in its entirety. Looking forward to working on this new one. Wish we didn't have to wait a month for the first clue though. :(

I was just browsing website and had no problem accessing last year's mystery afghan clues complete with pictures.

Irene, is it possible you could email me the link to last years? I want to participate this year but I am very bad at picking color schemes & normally only work with one color. I saw the suggestions but I'd prefer more bold colors. email drmyblueyz@hotmail.com Thanks in advance, Ursula

whoops! I just scrolled up and found it. Sorry

I wasn't able to do last year's blanket but I saved all the clues in a Word document. Although I saved the clues in reverse order. I can email it to you, if you wish. Rhonda

Rhonda , I would like a copy of your Word Document Clues for the last afghan if you would mind sending them. Thanks

Could I also have a copy of this Word document?? Being for last years afghan, please, I would greatly appreciate it, please, thank you.

i think i still have the print out of last years crochet a long. if i can find it, i can mail it to you.maybe you can get a p.o. box number if you dont trust giving me your address.

I look forward to doing this first surprise afghan. I hope I don't miss any clues. Can you send out e-mails when each clue comes up, and how to find it? Thank you, Annieknits

Hi Annie - We aren't sending emails for every clue - they come out weekly, but we will send occasional reminders on when they come out and where to get them.

This was very helpful - it is nice to see the ratio of the colors to give us an idea of how to select them. I'm very excited about this CAL

First timer, can't wait to get started

I love the idea of a mystery crochet along. I'm game for this one. I'm super sensitive to textures and the Waverly line may cause me problems so I'm using the Satin line which is super smooth and soft. BTW, Michael's has the Bernat Satin line for 50% off so it's $1.99/ball!!! $28 for all the yarn for this mystery crochet along makes it very affordable.

Sarah, you CAN still access the clues for the last knit along, they start in October 2009 Just click on the October 2009 link on the right hand side of the page. The last mystery crochet along started August 2010.

Very helpful to read about the science behind choosing the proportions of the colours in the palette. I am having fun designing! The drag and drop option for choosing my colours is not iPad compatible though. :-(

Last year I made the crochet afgan and really loved it. Some of the colors were not true to what it showed online though so I went to Michaels and bought colors that I liked and made scarves and toques for the food bank with the yarn that I didn't use. I think this will be helpful.

Alright! I just purchased my yarn for the CAL. I chose the colors suggested from the Beautiful Things color pallette. Can't wait to start!

My husband and I are building a new home in Costa Rica. This will help me find paint and fabric colors before I have to go to the paint store.

thanks for the help--one of the examples is almost exactly the color scheme of my living room! I am always at a loss for color choice and tend to lean towards varigated and ombre yarns to compensate. :) I've been knitting a long time, and just learned to crochet earlier this week--so now I'm trying to decide which one to do for this!

Do the Crochet one. It will stretch you more to have that challenge.

I've been crocheting for 30 yrs, first time for a project like this. Using yarn from my stash. Should be fun to see how this moves along.

I just ordered the yarn for the knit version and my bank account is in total shock. But I used yarn from my "stash" for last years crochet afghan and was not at all thrilled with the colors---loved the afghan tho. Couldn't do the mitered square so made up my own corners tho. Was still a lot of fun!

Looking forward to the Mystery KAL! I ordered my yarn yesterday in the Town and Country palette. When I confessed to my husband that I bought more yarn to join in the fun with other knitters he thought it was a great idea. He also loved the colors I chose for the afghan for our new home's living room. Can't wait to start!

Having your husbands blessing makes it even better!

You betcha!

Need some opinions! Thinking about the blues and celadon from Past Perfect...need another blue or green if I go with the knit..would Willow be a bad choice?

The Celadon is really pretty in person, but if you're looking for a deeper green, Turtle is nice! Willow is pretty too but might be too "dusty" to go with those shades. Also, the Blue Gown and Beautiful Blue are pretty with those colours! (I am using Blue Gown with my Past Perfect shades)

Marie, I put together a collage of the colors for you. I do not think the willow will go very well. I like the stone brown quite a lot with your colors so I put it on there as well. click this link and you'll see your colors all together http://www.photovisi.com/s/flAz1c/?rr=s1&vt=dpKYLuU&ref=nf

I just got back from Michael's where the Waverly yarns were on sale 2/$6 plus I had a 20% off coupon. They had all the colors for the Simpicity color scheme. Can't wait to start!

I was able to take advantage of this too! I have never done a mystery CAL and I am SO excited to try it...waiting until February is going to be tough!

would it be possible to get the instructions for the gauge swatch early??

It will be going out next week so you'll have plenty of time to prepare.

I am so excited to participate again this time! Last year I didn't quite make it because I had to have surgery, but one day I'll finish off the last few squares and stitch it together! I just ordered my yarn for this year!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only that didnt finish last years mystery afghan. I had so much fun doing it but now i have all the squares in a box waiting to be sewed together. That's my weekness with squares. They are fast and fun and easy but I hate sewing them together. LOL

I must admit I'm a slacker. Have not finished one of the two afghans from last year's mystery CAL. Bought my yarn today. Our Michael's does not have a nice selection of colors and they don't think they are going to keep carrying it so I checked in at A. C. Moore. Much nicer color selection. The down side is their price is higher $3.99. I got them to price match Michael's tho.

Going to Michaels later to pick my colors...hard to know what I want for the main color, I think I want to see them in "person". I did the first KAL and then the CAL, really liked the knit a lot better. Can't wait to get that first clue. Anyone already picked their color schemes?

Ok, I know I saw when the first clue was...now I can't find it ! Can someone please let me know? I bought my colors today with stone brown as my main color...very pleased !!

The first clue is available at 10am on Feb 15th!

Thank you ! I'm so relieved to have my yarn already...last time I was a bit rushed, now comes the test of patience in waiting !

I'm so excited about joining in,now I have to order my yarn and then wait for the clues.I really enjoyed doing the last afghans and certainly looking forward to doing this one.Going to use the Bernat Color tutorial to choose my colors.Thanks!!!

I received my yarn today! Pretty excited!

Have my yarn, chose from the Past Perfect colors - Mauve Glow, Fresh Flower, Celadon, Breath of Blue and Beautiful Blue. Breath of Blue will be my main color. Can't wait for the first clue. Had so much fun doing the Mystery Afghan CAL last year, I'm sure this year's KAL will be a blast!