Watermelons and Summer

Project – Watermelon Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530202 Sweet Treats
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Ice Cream, Tickled Pink, Shamrock
Blogger – DinaPurls

Watermelons: the quintessential summer food.  And while summer may be winding down in my part of the world (the evenings are cooler), I've decided to whip up a cute confectionery delight for my niece in Bernat Baby Cakes: the Watermelon Cardigan.

Initially I was concerned the size 2 would be too small (my niece is tall for two).  Checking the schematic measurements eased my concerns; it's a generous size 2.  The cardigan should be a perfect fit with a little room to grow.

Having already swatched the Baby Cakes for my Monster Vest, I just dove right in.  I'm off to a good start, working the sleeves two at a time.  Here's hoping for speedy progress.

DinaPurls :)


awww its such a cute pattern... have fun with it and good luck :)

I had my eye on that project, too! Cute stuff!

Thanks Meghan and Teresa. It is a cute project, isn't it?