Warming Up in a Vest

Project – Cold Snap Vest
Bernat Fall eBook featuring Bernat Roving
Blogger – DinaPurls

I have enjoyed using the Roving so much, I thought I'd try to make an adult garment.  With its bulky weight, I'm hoping the item progresses quickly (I'm already past the ribbing).

Have you checked out the Roving e-book?  There are some lovely garments: cardigans, pullovers and lots of hats.  The one that caught my eye was the vest on the cover (called Cold Front).  Its the perfect item for layering during the frigid--and fickle--winter months.

I'm also looking forward to working some fair isle.  After all the intarsia, I'm ready for a change.  The pattern calls for three colors (I'm using the plum, lotus and white), but I'm throwing in some quince (ie pink) for good measure--hope that works out well.  What do you think?  Good color combo?

DinaPurls :)


Your colours look lovely together. i can't wait to see them actually knit together.

Thanks Eva :) I like the colour combo too. It's different from the colours used in the e-book, but its fun to try different colour combinations.

I am attempting the collar of the Roving Striped Cardigan pattern, and I would like more detail as to how the collar is attached. i can't see on the picture how it's attached. Are there some comments as to what spot of the collar attached to what spot of the neck edge, front, edge, etc? Help?? it is for a Christmas gift.

Elaine, I don't know if I can help; I had only worked on the vest pattern and can't access the online booklet anymore to read through the directions. For the vest, I picked up stitches up one side, across the back and back down the other side. Perhaps you can contact Bernat directly regarding more instructions? There are also Bernat Forums at http://www.bernat.com/forums/. Perhaps someone else has made the pattern. Sorry I couldn't be more help. DinaPurls