Warm Cardigan for Breezy Days

Project – Cable Yoke Sweater
Bernat Pattern Book #530197 – Cold Front
Yarn – Bernat Roving in 00103 Lazuli
Blogger – Shandeh

Yeah, I know.  Winter is OVER.  Warmer weather is here.
But, I'm a chilly girl sometimes...especially on windy evenings.  So, it's nice to have a pretty cardigan I can grab on my way out the door, just in case.  And if it's handknitted, so much the better!

Besides, how can I resist making Bernat's GORGEOUS Cable Yoke Sweater, found in the Bernat #530197 Cold Front pattern book

And it should be beautiful made with Bernat Roving yarn, in the "Lazuli" color.

When my package arrived from Bernat, I eagerly opened the box, to get a good look and feel of the yarn.  So SQUISHY!!  YUM!!  I just wanted to roll around in it for a while.  Ha!

The color of the yarn is a bit darker than I imagined - looks more like a denim blue to me.  It should work perfectly with my casual wardrobe, though.

When I got started knitting, I thought, "Hmm...I think my sister would enjoy knitting this also."  So, I grabbed my cell phone and gave her a call.  She's been knitting since she was in high school, and I was still in elementary grades.  I remember watching her knit slippers and scarves back then, and I was in awe.  Now, we both knit, so it's usually the only thing we talk about.  She lives in California, and I'm in North Carolina.....which places us at opposite coasts of the USA.

She quickly agreed to knit along with me on this project.  Neat!  Lucky for us, Bernat had sent me an extra pattern book, so I mailed it her way.  When she got the book, she decided to make the shorter version of the sweater, and her yarn will be in the "Putty" color - a nice, silvery grey.  I think it will look great on her!

Hopefully, I'll get some photos of her progress, so I can post them here for you to see BOTH cardigans.   But, until then, you'll have to settle for my photos.  Here's my start on the cable panel in "Lazuli" blue!

- Shandeh


I am an avid knitter, I am always knitting something. But, I find when I go from a knit to a purl there's a gap, it doesn't seem to be tight enough. The work looks ok, but I dont' like the gap. I am making a cabled blanket, and it really shows. Is there a trick or some way of making it tighter? Any help from you fellow knitters would be great. Thanks All.

Hi Crystal! I sometimes find things like that in my own knitting. I guess it just gets better with practice. I still bind off too tight, even after trying every tip I've read online. So, I have to FORCE myself to bind off VERY LOOSELY. And when I make socks, I ALWAYS have a hole on the left side of every ankle. Weird. Drives me insane! UGH! Good luck with your gap! *hug*

I have that problem too! >:( I wonder why? ~M.D.

A bi-coastal knitalong! How fun! Looking forward to seeing both cardigans.

It IS fun! Knitting is the only thing my sister and I have in common (besides our parents - HA!). It's nice to share this love of yarn together. :)

Knitting along with your sister sounds like so much fun! I wish my sisters had gotten into knitting. Your project looks enticing; it's one I'd love to make too.

Wow-I can knit but I never can seem to get the hang of cables-I am in awe of YOU when I see that! :) Any tips on cabling? ~ M.D.

check out our knit-along post about cabling - it has some great tips: http://bernatyarns.wordpress.com/2010/01/13/mystery-afghan-clue-7-pending/

thanks! that is great!

I think the biggest help with cabling is just taking your time and being extra careful following the directions. I double-check the instructions with every single cable, because I'm paranoid like that. (tee-hee) I must have OCD Obsessive Cable Disorder. HA HA

I'm looking for a discontinued Bernat child's fair isle cardigan sweater. It is a simple pattern that my grandmother made years ago that has a yolk, so the only sewing is the underarms of both sleeves.

Hi Diane - I sent your question on to our pattern support folks. You should hear from them soon. Thanks!