Warm and Wooly Knitting

Project -  Raglan Pullover for charity
Bernat Pattern Book #542012 – 9 Family Designs to Knit
Yarn – Bernat Felting in Snap Dragon
Blogger – Shandeh

My house has been chilly lately, and it has been so nice to work on this warm wool sweater for charity.  I've gotten a lot done on it.  The front and back are both complete, and now I'm knitting both sleeves at once.  I like making both sleeves of a sweater at the same time, so I know for sure that they will be the same length.

I'm using a 40 inch circular, so both sleeves will fit on the needle easily.  I wrote out a list of the rows I'm knitting, so I can check off each row as I complete it.  Makes the project simple and quick.  Of course, it took some time to write out the rows, but not that much.  Definitely worth the effort.

Now, I'm getting close to the finish line on this thick, warm sweater.  Should be seaming by next week!

- Shandeh


I love the color. Great choice!

ever heard of Bernat Matrix it is 62% nylon and 38% polyester and used to make such things as belts, necklaces?

Yes! I have several balls of that yarn in my stash, to use as carry-along yarn with other yarn, to add a bit of "spark" to the project. Fun!

Thanks Lynne!

I always knit both sleeves at once. I also knit two socks at once and sometimes will even make the fronts and backs of sweaters at the same time. It takes some work and markers to keep it all straight, but well worth the effort when finished.

Me too, Susan! It just makes things easier in the long run, doesn't it?