Wanted: Skinny Teenager

Project – Scallop Edge Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530163 Beautiful Bamboo
Yarn – Bernat Mosaic in Medusa
Blogger – MichelleCrochets

I spent considerably more time thinking about completing this cardigan than actually completing it.  It was the variegated yarn - matching color changes across different pieces and getting them to make sense was a real brain-teaser.  I'm still not quite certain I love how the tops of the arms match at the shoulder.   The trim around the entire edge and the arms was also a challenge to match color-wise.

All grumbling aside, here is the finished project

I would make this pattern again but would use a solid yarn or a variegated yarn with shorter repeats or more subtle color variations.   That being said, the lacy pattern really did a fantastic job showing off the colors of the Bernat Mosaic in a way that a more closed stitch pattern might not have. 

Just like a wool single ply yarn, the Mosaic single ply yarn does pull apart if you tug hard at it.  It really makes you believe you are working with a freshly spun fleece.  Given that this yarn really was intended to be the acrylic answer to wool, I think it is spot on.  For that reason, I decided to use some of my Bernat Satin for my mattress stitch seams. 

Now that I've completed three crocheted garment patterns, I think I need to have a heart to heart with myself about my actual size.  I've been following the Small sizes since they match my measurements closer than the Mediums do.  Both this last cardigan and the first cardigan I attempted have been more snug than I really like.  Even with blocking.  I'm happy that my hook changes and stitch choices have all created lovely drapey fabric, but unless I'm planning on losing 15 pounds - and I'm not - the draping effect isn't as obvious.  I won't likely end up wearing this cardigan - I'll have to find a slim teenager and gift it.



Michelle, the finished cardigan looks lovely! Your hard work to match the colour sequencing paid off.

Inches and cm are smaller than they used to be. That's why even when things knit/crochet to the measurements in the pattern they are too snug. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it ;-) Eva

I think it's beautiful! Love all the bright colors.

This is beautiful! Your hard work in matching the colors really shows and the pattern does show this the yearn beautifully. Can't wait to see what you make next :)

Eva, that is hilarious! Yes, I like how you think. Jen, Sandy, & Dina - thanks so much. In a lot of ways, the yarn variegation does the work for you, but yes, this time I think I put in an equal effort. I'm excited that my next project is a solid color!