Waiting in the Wings

For a while now, I've had this wonderful box of yarn waiting in the closet, taunting me every time I walk by to "just cast on a few stitches, you know you want to."

Yes, I know I want to, I would mutter back, but I have other projects to finish. . .

Here it was, a lovely box of Patons Shetland Chunky in Royal. This yarn is so dang soft and tempting.And more purple than blue as this picture shows.

And it's been cold outside, so a pullover made out of it was only adding to the temptation.

Yet, I had all this other knitting to do.

"Come on," it would call from the closet. "Just do a gauge swatch. You know you want to."

Must finish other knitting . . . Must not be distracted. . .. I would mutter back, if only to remind myself of the other projects I had committed myself to finishing. Not starting a new one.

And so went these conversations for weeks, until finally I have come to the happy point of having empty needles, and I had finally had time to take out that chatty, tempting box.

Ready and waiting inside the box were the pattern book, the needles, and everything I needed to sit down and cast on my Michelle's Pullover from Top Down Classics. Okay, so I might have taken it out of the closet a few times and got everything organized so that it would be ready at a moment's notice when I did have time. And now I do.



Why do you always get the talkative yarn? Mine just sits there looking pretty.

Honestly, the chatty yarn can be really annoying and nag a lot. :) But this yarn was right--I needed to get it out and knit it.