Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #6

When knitting if you find you are casting on too tightly (making your first row “H-E-Double Hockey Sticks” to knit), use a needle a size or two larger when you cast on. Once you’re ready to start knitting switch back to the original needle.


Or if you know how to crochet. Use a the crochet cast on method, and use a crochet hook about 2 or 3 times larger. My preferred method of casting on is the crochet cast on. Than my beginning edge looks like my cast of edge.

I use this for my crochet. I don't seem to be able to chain loose enough so I use a larger hook and I get better results.

I do the same for my cast offs! My cast offs are too tight!

Actually, I thought that was the solution for many years, until attending some classes with an expert...who reminded me that using a size larger needle increases the HEIGHT of the stitch, but not the DISTANCE BETWEEN STITCHES (this is what produces the "too tight" cast on) simply being careful to keep enough space between the cast on stitches really does the trick. Need a video, try Cat Bordhi. Also, I use the "old Norwegian" cast on for items where more stretch is required (hats, socks, etc). Really works. (She also has a really stretchy cast off tutorial, quite good)