Vickie's Tip of the Day: Baby Month #18

Carry on.  If you're caring for an infant, utilize a baby sling.  Snuggly carriers make wee ones feel secure while offering you the option of some hands-free knit & crochet time!


I am on my 3rd skein of the big chenille with the pompoms. The yarn is great. However, I find that the pompoms are not placed in equal segments,therefore, sometimes I will have 3 pom-poms together (like in every other row) and then I will not have an other for 5 or 8 rows. It drives me crazy! If they were better spaced you could knit ot crochet , in such a way that the pom-poms would create it's own pattern. I bought 2 more skeins and I will make cowls as presents for my daughter's in-law. Maybe I will get enough yarn left over to make a goofy hat for my grandaughter!. If I do I will post the picture!