Ultimate Sweater Machine

Hi everyone!  For those who don't know me, I am the Fashion & Design Coordinator here at Caron.   I work with Cari Clement.  (Yeah, the Cari and Carrie thing can get a bit confusing to folks! )

Those of you who are Caron facebook fans know that I just got the Ultimate Sweater Machine. I have never used it before and am not a knitter.  My experience with knitting machines is limited to seeing my mother use some super huge industrial looking machine when I was a kid. It had these punchcards for making the designs some how.  That thing was scary! 

So anyway, in order to prepare for setting up and using the Ultimate Sweater Machine, I watched a bunch of  the YouTube videos on it.   I managed to get it set up pretty easily! The hardest part was figuring out how the weight went on. Well, actually it was finding the volume control on my computer (lol), but figuring out the weight took me a minute or two! 

I got the Ultimate Sweater Machine set up!

I set it up at my kitchen table and used the non-slip pad that comes with it. I couldn't clamp it to the table because my table has a lip around the edge.  But the non-slip pad seems to hold it just fine.

The YouTube videos were extremely helpful. Now on to the next step - using it! I will let you know how it goes!


Please help!! I just got the USM and I do not understand how to get the first row started so it doesn't unravel. I have watched every YouTube video out there. I just don't get it - not having trouble with knitting just the foundation row. Getting very discouraged. thank you in advance.

Hello. I just received an incredible sweater machine from E-bay and it was missing a table clamp... does anyone know where I can get a replaceable clamp? will it fall off the table from the weight of the hem if I just use the one?

Your machine should come with a non-skid sheet. Put this on the edge of your table and put the USM bed on top of that. While you should have 2 clamps (contact Lori at lorifuller@caron.com), at least you can get going using just the non-skid sheet. Just don't pull down very hard on the hem. The one clamp should help keep the machine from tipping, though. - Cari

my ultimate swaeter machine keep jamming, and am not happy about that. I have tried everything according to the instruction give on the video. The annoying part of it is that it jams in the middle. I haven't been able to complete one roll. Am not happy at all.

So sorry to hear that you're having trouble! On the Bond America website we have some tips to help you with carriage jams. Hope this helps! if not, please contact inquire@bond-america.com and they should be able to help you out.

I am having trouble with my Ultimate Knitting Machine too. The first row knits fine, but then after the second row, my needle butts are not straight after a pass with the carriage. They maintain the shape that the keyplate puts them in as it goes across the needles. Subsequently, the next row I knit jams. Has this happened to anyone?

Hi Lori - I sent your question on to our customer support department. They should be able to help you out. Thanks.