Two versus one

Project – Boldly Colored Plaid Afghan
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Decor in Chocolate Taupe, New Teal, Aran, Pale New Green, Claret, Navy
Blogger – knittinjen

Nothing exciting to see here…same ole’ same ole’

So I woke up Sunday morning thinking about this afghan and was mulling over a few things. First, I wondered whether I could knit two (or more?) strips at a time. Instantly I thought why not? Wouldn’t it feel like I was finishing it faster? Plus, that’s two strips that wouldn’t have to be sewn so in theory it _would_ be faster. The width is only 21 stitches so handling 42 doesn’t seem all that unreasonable (I’m using short straight needles). But then, it occurred to me that there needs to be color changes in the middle of every row.

How does one do that when from the very first cast on there will be two different colors? How do you connect those two cast on sections? I pondered for a while on this and finally decided that it is by using the intarsia method. I’m not a pro at working intarsia. I definitely appreciate items where this technique has been used but it hasn't grabbed my attention much. For sure.  I just not accustomed to fiddling with those little bits of different colors hanging all over the place.

This started me thinking about how do I want to seam these together? If I use the mattress stitch it’ll be neat and invisible on the right side, but not so pretty on the wrong side. I could sew a flannel fabric on the backside but since I hate using a sewing needle, might not jump all over that idea. I am concerned that whip stitch won’t be secure enough. The pattern indicates to use a “flat seam” (it appears to be similar to what I call the whip stitch). Any thoughts and experience you could share? Leave me a comment. I know there are many other methods of seaming so lay them on me.

Third and last thing that I have time to think about before the baby wakes up - how do I want to edge it? The pattern calls to pick up stitches along the edges and knit a stripe pattern in garter. I really, really like the looks of an I-cord bind off edge. It looks so neat, clean…even couture. Either one of these methods requires picking up a truckload of stitches. Here’s a thought that passed through my mind: what if I did a single crochet edge? Is that just crazy talk?

– knittinjen


I did an afghan like that years ago--in long strips and then sewed it together. I just sort of sewed it like I knit it--one row at a time until it was done--spacing it out over a week so it didn't seem like such a daunting task. I used a whip stitch and it has pulled apart in places over the years. BUT the yarn I was using was not Decor, which I think will hold up a lot better than what I used. Still I would use a mattress stitch and not worry about what the back looks like. Just train the family no to use it with the bottom up!