Two of A Kind

Project – Beret and Mittens
Bernat Pattern Book #530196 Show Your Stripes
Yarn – Bernat Jacquards in Juniper Jacquards
Blogger – DinaPurls

Two matching mitts--well, kinda matching.  I did my best to cast on at about the same spot so that my mittens would look the same--and the colours would change in roughly the same spots.  Overall not bad, eh?  There's only a slight variation.   At least I can tell them apart: the cuff with a little purple is the left one (I shall never get the left one confused with the right one, LOL).

There were a few things I really liked about this mitten pattern: first, it was very easy: the seed stitch is very squishy; the super long cuffs will keep my wrists warm.  If one disliked the long cuffs, it would be easy enough to shorten them.  These mittens  will definitely keep my hands super toasty all winter--and winter is here.  Me thinks I must make more winter gear, especially for my boys: something to keep them warm and still look cool and hip.  Curious?  I'll share next time.

DinaPurls ;)


Hi, I am new to kniting, and I want to make the striped hat in bernat jacquards...but it does a lot of holes and on the picture I don't see holes. What am I doing wrong? I try to look on the internet but I don't find anything to help. If you can help me I will appreciate it. thank you.

Hi Chantal. Are you making the matching beret in Bernat Jacquards? Are you finding holes where the pattern asks you to make increases? How are you doing the increases? I used KFB (knitting through the front and back of the same stitch). Check out this link from (it has videos) of the different increases: Hope this helps a little.