Traveling Zip-Neck Sweater

Project – Zip Neck Saddle Shoulder Pullover (Boy)
Patons free pattern
Yarn – Patons New Canadiana in Lime Juice

I like to take my knitting on the road. Ever since I taught my husband to drive (now, there's a story) he has pretty much insisted on driving everywhere. So I started taking my knitting with me. It works out great: I get to knit, he gets to choose the music (I find myself developing a grudging appreciation for 1970s progressive rock...). I have even done some hands-on  research for you and knitted through a car-crash. I survived without a single puncture wound, so I feel pretty safe knitting in the car.

This weekend we were taking a trip and I knew it would be perfect for the screeds of stocking stitch I still had to do on this sweater: look at the pretty farmland; knit stocking stitch in lovely non-splitty Patons Canadiana that requires little looking-down;  listen to Rush. (Almost) perfect, I thought.

I'll confess, I was running a bit behind in the packing. The kids and the husband were already strapped into the car, but I was still frantically whirling an extra skein on my ball winder (I'm more careful with my knitting packing than with anything else. I figure you can always get another toothbrush wherever you are. Not so easy to find the perfect yarn in the right dye lot.)

Feeling a little stressed, I tossed the newly-wound ball into my knitting back, checked I had my purse and my phone (the two other essentials I won't leave the house without) and ran out of the door.

The first part of the journey was taken up with a couple of tantrums and a discussion about where to stop for lunch, so we were some way away from home before I reached into my knitting bag. I was very pleased when I remembered that I had finished the whole of the back and was now ready to start the front. I was going to make such progress between the trip out and the trip home again.....


Except that the pattern said I needed to cast on 'using the smaller size needle'.

I had only brought the larger needles!!

My howl of horror was so loud that I nearly caused another car crash.

I sat there, stunned. I berated myself for my carelessness. I wailed about the lost knitting time (there and back, people! There. And. Back!). I utterly  failed to Google 'provisional cast on' using the inadequate non-3G cellular network of the beautiful rural region we were passing through (I may have used the words 'stupid' and 'Podunk').

Meanwhile, my lovely husband was quietly on the case, tapping away  at the GPS. Minutes later he pulled off the road, looped around a long corner and front of  a giant craft store.

"This'll have knitting needles, right?" he said.

You know, when you're young and inexperienced, you might swallow all that Hollywood stuff about champagne and roses and surprise trips to Paris.

When you've been married for 15 years though, you come to understand that there's nothing quite as romantic as a spouse who will hunt down knitting needles in the wilderness, just for you.

Lotso sweater
The Progress I Made Thanks To My Romantic Husband



Impressive with a capital I....and the sweater looks lovely as well. Now, you opened the door, and now you're going to have to figure out how to fit teaching your husband how to drive into another post! :D

Oh my I ussually forget one of my needle so now my husband asks, Do you have both needles,, I agrre it is romantic when they "get" you

This is the best story EVER! That brought tears to my eyes! Although we aren't married, my boyfriend of three years offered to do some work to help out a local LYS in exchange for store credit. I thought that was pretty darn romantic! :)


Love this. Men do understand us.