Top Down Love

Project – Michelle's Pullover
Pattern Book – Top Down Classics #500860
Yarn – Patons Shetland Chunky
Blogger – YoElizbo

I really do enjoy knitting a sweater from the top down, so I am loving knitting on my Michelle pullover, from Top Down Classics. Here are my Top Three Reasons for Top Down Love:

1) I find it easier to get a good fit when I knit from the top down. As I get close to where the pattern says I should divide up for the sleeves, I will put the whole thing on waste yarn and try it on. This gives you a chance to decide if you need to reduce, knit a little further, pull back a bit, all so you can get a good fit around the bust and underarms so you don't end up with that poochy business under your arms. Then after I think I've got it where it should be, I put it on waste yarn again. Time consuming, yes, but essential to getting the fit just so.

2) The top is where you usually get to do all the fun stuff. The advantage here is that if the "fun stuff" turns into a big pain in the patooty you know you only have to do it until the underarms, or you can quit altogether and start doing stockinette and fan your nose at the "fun stuff." Actually the fun stuff in the Michelle pullover, aka The Lace Pattern, is really easy to learn and kinda cool. You do these dropped stitches and then you knit them all together and it makes this cool sport of star/flower pattern. Very fun.

3) When you get to the dividing part, (like I am now) then it is a straight shot to the end. The 11 or so inches of stockinette seem like a breeze, especially in the Shetland Chunky. Almost like cheating. This sort of knitting flies along, at least that is what I tell myself, because the end is so clearly in sight. It is, isn't it?

So I ask: Top Down or Bottom Up?



I've yet to knit anything from the top down, so could you please explain what you mean by "put it on waste yarn"? I love the lacy drop-stitch motif!

I'm working on my very first sweater now. Top-down, all stockinette, all the way. Sport yarn. Can we say, never again? I've ripped one sleeve - twice! - because the pattern was wrong (and yes, I did check for errata, but they claimed "none") and when I finish the second sleeve I'll be ripping out the bottom and re-doing the ribbing in another pattern because the suggested one looks so hinky and it rolls, bigtime. grrrr. It will be a while before I try another, but when I do, yours looks intriguing. And I love the idea of chunky yarn and big needles!