Top-Down Cardigan

Project – Top-Down Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #542051 – Play Day
Yarn – Bernat Baby Jacquards in 06012 Macaroon
Blogger – Teresaknits

While I wish this was a sweater to wear with the top down on a convertible, sadly it is cold outside and instead it's a sweater to keep my son warm. The Top-Down Convertible is such an easy and fun pattern.

I'm working it up in Bernat Baby Jacquards' new Macaroon colorway and really enjoying not only how quickly it knits, but watching the designs take shape. The self-jacquarding yarn is knitting up into brown stripes and flecks of blue and green, and I keep watching to see if the flecks will line up on each row or if they separate themselves, based on the number of stitches. I'm especially happy that it seems like the pattern is lining up on the back, sleeves, and sides to look like I spent the extra time actually switching colorways and adding stripes!

It's hard to see in the photo, but my stitch markers are actually twisty ties from a bag of plastic lunch bags – they are easy to twist into a round shape and even easier to remove if I need to! Do you have any household tricks like this?



I love it when yarn does some of the work for you! Looking forward to seeing your progress.