Three's Company

When I said the amazing granny afghan comes with me everywhere, I wasn't kidding.

Though I did have to share it with an admirer while visiting friends in the country:


What you see here is three shades of Patons Decor, looking amazing next to a sleepy dog. Eventually the sweet pup had to leave the picture because my afghan and I needed some quality time.

Some folks have asked for clarification on the pattern I'm using. It's ridiculously simple, really. I started with the granny square tutorial in Next Steps Five: Crochet Guidebook. Instead of stopping at the fifth row like the tutorial, I just keep going. Each row of a granny square is the same as the one before, it just grows a little. A free Patons pattern with a similar concept is the Stained Glass Window Afghan. I love this concept - it's brainless and fun, just what I need on sleepy evenings.


My brain forgot to consider what happens when you make something starting from the center. It starts really small - great! But then it gets bigger. And Bigger. Aaaand Bigger. Eventually each round of the blanket becomes a feat. It gets to the point where I challenge myself just to crochet one side before taking a break. What happened to the world of 'just 10 more rows and I'll call it a day'? No. Now it's 'just 1/4 of a row and I'll go to be-zzzzzz'.

I'm making progress, but I've lost the 'sense' of progress. I have no choice but to keep crocheting but stop paying attention until it gets obscenely large. I'm starting to understand why people make lots of little squares instead of one big one...



If you made a bunch of little ones, you'd still have to put them all together - boo! Just think - when you're done this giant square, you're DONE!

Yes, there is definitely something to be said for not having to do a bunch of seams at the end. Hang in there! Or, you know, you can make a couple lap blankets instead of one giant afghan.