Thinking About Falling Leaves...

Chicago Swing Jacket by Tammy Hildebrand

Chicago Swing Jacket by Tammy Hildebrand

Yes, they’re already falling from our maple tree, albeit slowly. But it’s still summer with temps to confirm that. With falling leaves and warm days, the crocheted Chicago swing jacket designed by Tammy Hildebrand is perfect for both seasons. For warm days, wear it with a cami – its slight openwork makes it just right to wear to work or on a cool evening. Or pair it with jeans and a tunic for play or a dress for work in the fall. Tammy designed Chicago in Peacock Country, a year-round yarn.

Borgata Glovelets by Marilyn Losee

Borgata Glovelets by Marilyn Losee

The perfect accessory – and a great gift – are the Borgata glovelets, knitted in Spa Green Sheen. Designer Marilyn Losee designed the Borgata glovelets to be knitted flat and seamed – for all of you who are not big fans of using double-pointed needles (myself included). But if you prefer seamless glovelets, you can adapt the pattern for knitting the fingers and glovelets themselves in the round.

For those of you just joining us, I welcome you to scroll down to see Lizzie’s Sunflower. It was a “pattern-in-progress” for a month but the resulting flower was pretty cool.

And, lastly, I’d like to share with you a whole new way of using yarn. Some of you may be familiar with Rwanda Knits, but if you’re not, more info is available at There are over 1,200 knitters who now are very skilled knitters

Web of Mutual Assistance

Rwanda: Web of Mutual Assistance

but limited in business skills, although that will soon change.

Writing cooperative bylaws

Rwanda: Writing cooperative bylaws

Laura Hanson, a volunteer from Washington state, has been working with the Rwanda Knits women since the end of May and has conducted some amazing workshops. Here are a couple of photos of the training.

The photo at left shows the women of the Nyagatare Women knitting cooperative using a skein of Simply Soft to illustrate a “Web of Mutual Assistance,” a cooperative’s strength.

And the women at right are in the process of writing their cooperative’s by-laws.


Tammy Hildebrand is unfailingly the best crochet designer here. Her designs are chic and wearable. This swing coat is the best. Can you have her do some designs in Spa, as I prefer a lighter-weight yarn.

Oh PLEASE.. Please try to get that Chicago Swing Coat in a knit pattern.. I just LOVE it but I want to knit it... :)