Thankful Thursday Men's Scarf

Happy third Thankful Thursday! This week's free project is perfect for the men in your life -- you know, those great guys who deserve a little extra gratitude this time of the year. A classic, textured scarf in our self-striping yarn Bernat Mosaic.

Thankful Thursday Scarf

Shown in shade: Into the Woods

Get the pattern to make the Thankful Thursday scarf here, and the Bernat Mosaic yarn here.

Oh and hey, who are we foolin'? This is really a unisex scarf. Make it for anyone who's earned a bigger dose of happy in their holiday! See more color inspiration here.




Love the scarf but it's a knit pattern even though the top of the pattern shows crochet hook and labels the pattern "crochet." I was so disappointed because I wanted to make this scarf for my son in Mosaic. I've used this yarn for several other projects and I love the gradiant shading of the colors. Can you suggest a crochet pattern similar to this knit one?

Thankful Thursday------Men Scarf. Is this pattern available in crochet?

Thank you for another Thankful Thursday, but Oops. Title says this scarf is crochet, but the instructions are for knit. Sorry to be the one to let you know. :(

What do Cr2B and Cr2P mean? Thanks.