Temperature Scarf KAL/CAL Week 1 Check-in!

Now that we're into the first full week of February, our Temperature Scarf 2013 KAL/CAL is well underway! The Bernat Forums have been buzzing with activity, with members getting to know each other and sharing ideas about how to personalize their projects, which include everything from temperature scarves to temperature afghans, cowls, and shawls!
Check out some of the fantastic works in progress on our Temperature Scarf 2013 CAL/KAL Pinterest board to see what participants have been busy knitting and crocheting.

Feeling inspired to get in on the fun? The CAL/KAL officially started on February 1st, but don't worry...there's still plenty of time to join in, and with 15% off all Bernat yarns in the Shop this month, it's a great time to stock up on all the yarn you'll need this year-long project!

Get all of the details about this year's CAL/KAL here, top off your yarn stash at the Bernat Shop, and head on over to the Forums to meet your fellow stitchers and get started!


Enjoying the scarf, seeing patterns appear with the temperature changes, but does this KAL/CAL project mean there won't be a Bernat KAL/CAL afghan this year? Now that I have the scarf current, it's only a few rows a day. If would be fun to be doing afghan squares/motifs, too.

Hi txcatgirl, We haven't announced a KAL/CAL afghan YET, but there are still 11 months in the year. Stay tuned - you never know what we've got coming up!

What a fun project! I'm getting a late start, but should be caught up in no tiem!

I am current with the project and I am enjoying it. Our weather os very changeable so my scarf is colorful already.

How do I join and get patterns for these scarves?

What does Kal or Cal mean?

Finally started on the KAL/CAL scarf, knitting mine, playing catch up due to some of my other hobbies. However i increased the rows to 6, to make it even,

Yikes! Didn't know there was a CAL in progress. I have to check it out!