Project – Lacy Shell
Bernat Pattern Book #530163 Beautiful Bamboo
Yarn – Bernat Bamboo in Rain Garden
Blogger – DinaPurls

Sorry, but I couldn't resist the bad pun.  Besides, I gotta celebrate the completion of my lacy tank top.

Love, love the way it feels next to my skin--very silky and soft.  And the fit is spot-on!

Lacy section is in XL (to accommodate my roomy hips) while the top section is in large.  Once I got to the stockinette section, I decreased along the edge at either end every 4-5 rows until I reached the appropriate stitch count for the large.

Seaming the lace proved a little challenging.  Working the entire lace portion in the round would avoid sewing altogether.  Adding  an extra 1-2 stitches at each end would also work (so there'd be more plain stitches to seam).  But of course, hindsight is 20/20.

Another change I'd make is adding an extra inch to the length, but I wasn't sure about my yardage.  As it was, I just had enough, with very little left over (even ripped out my swatches).  Always get extra if adding length (unlike me, that's something to consider BEFORE starting the project).

With the ends, I wasn't sure how to handle such a slippery yarn.  So when finishing, I made sure to weave through more stitches than usual, leaving the ends as long as I possibly could (just in case something works its way out, although it never has).

Now if the weather would get warmer, I've got a lovely new summer tank to wear.

DinaPurls :)


Wow! It's GORGEOUS, Dina! I want one now!

Beautiful!!! Looks fabulous! And the color really does look great.

Another beautiful job Nardina...well done love it

both colour and design look great on you. I sometimes forget to get extra yarn when a longer project is wanted, very annoying ain't it?

Thanks very much ladies! It was a fun knit ;D