Switchin' it up!

For the last couple of weeks I have been making steady progress on the Cables and Lace Hoodie.  In fact, I only have one more section left until I am ready to start the '2009 Seaming Boot Camp'.  So what do I go and do?  Yep, I cast on for another project.  Not that the Hoodie and I are in a fight per say, but we just need a break from one another.  That's understandable right?

Raise your hand if you have had the pleasure of working with Patons Angora Bamboo.  This yarn is made up of 55% Bamboo, 35% Wool and 10% Angora.  The bamboo for strength, the wool for bounce and the angora for super lush softness.  For my next project, the Cable Dress in Patons pattern book Fall in Love, I chose the Angora Bamboo in lieu of Patons Classic Wool (what the pattern suggested).  Since I get roughly the same gauge, I figured it wouldn't matter as much (Uh Oh. Did I just curse myself?).  In fact, I think the Angora Bamboo will be a great substitute for this pattern.  The yarn is SO incredibly soft that it allows for an itch-free wear right against your skin.  While I LOVE 100% wool, I do have pretty sensitive skin that does not allow for me to wear a wool on skin combo.  I literally rubbed my gauge swatch against my cheek for about 30 minutes.  Does that make me certifiably fiber crazy?

Do you always use the yarn that the pattern calls for or do you switch it up?

Happy Holidays!



You are out of your ever-lovin' mind girl! You KNOW you need to finish the first project before starting another one. Especially bad when you're putting off something you really don't enjoy doing (seaming). Oh boy...I'll keep sending you some good knitting vibes. You're gonna need them!

Who me? Not like seaming? I do not know what you are talking about?! Looks like I forgot to mention it's just a mini break :) hehe