Project – Fading Cables Pullover
Patons Pattern Book #500872 – Next Steps Six - Learn to Cable
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Cherry
Blogger – YoElizbo

Some people might just call this two sleeves. I call it swatching.

I am such a lazy sack when it comes to swatching. And I don't know how many times NOT swatching has come back to haunt me. Like when you are nearly finished with a sweater and realize it could fit around your minivan. But I've gotten my way around that. I knit the sleeves first.

Have you ever noticed that in a pattern, sleeves always seem to come last? I don't get that, because I think they should come first. They aren't monumental like knitting the back and front. It is just a sleeve. And in the course of knitting just a sleeve, you can discover lots of things, like gauge, or get a knitting stitch down pat, or deciding whether or not using your stash of Patons Wool in this great new color, Cherry, is worth the effort.

Personally, I love this color of red. And I am so particular about my reds. Happily, this one is perfect.I also love this rib pattern that runs up the sleeves, with the elongated stitch. Much more interesting than just plain sleeves.

And the best part of knitting the sleeves first? They are done. Need I say more?



I love learning avoidance techniques!

Great tip--I'll be following your lead!

I also am a bad swatcher. Mostly becasue I have learned I can not trust my gauge swatch. My gauge at swatch is seldom my gauge mid-sweater. I LOVE the idea of knitting the sleeves first as a great big swatch. Brilliant!