Summertime collaboration

Project – Girl’s Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530195 Mini Me
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Pool Party
Blogger – MichelleCrochets

I'm adding a little twist to my crocheted garment theme.  I'm taking a project meant for a preschooler and sizing it up to fit my 7 1/2 year old daughter. I didn't crochet tons of things for my daughter to wear when she was born.  She has one handmade hat knitted by a friend - though aunties and my mom made blankets a-plenty.  As she got older, I made her a poncho, a blanket for her twin size bed, and then last year I crocheted a hat and matching fingerless gloves.  It is a rare occasion when I've got hook in hand that she doesn't ask "Is it for me"?  After three Bernat projects, it is time to say YES.

I have noticed that many fiber enthusiasts clamor for fun, cute, and stylish fashions to crochet for their preteens and teens and find the offerings lacking.  Now - 7 is not preteen in my book - but this kid has REALLY strong opinions about what looks cute and she's usually right.  Her opinion will really be driving this project. After all, she does have to wear it!  I found a pattern we both agreed on - the Girl's Cardigan on the cover of the Mini Me book.

I sat my daughter down at my laptop to make her color choices for the Bernat Babycakes yarn.  After 5 minutes of careful deliberation - Pool Party was the winner.  She's certainly consistent as turquoise blue is her favorite color.

I keep turning to the schematic drawings on the Bernat patterns and this time is no different.  My daughter is slender so I'm not going to add to the width - I think I can follow the 4 year old measurements fairly closely.  I will add length to the bottom since neither of us want her wearing a belly baring sweater.  I am also increasing my hook size to a K - and the pattern calls for an H hook on a worsted weight yarn - so allowing the fabric to grow as a function of a larger hook just might get me the size increase I need.

This will be a fun summer collaboration for us!



That's a cute outfit. I'm curious how you modify the pattern. There are lots of cute patterns that I need to modify to fit my niece who's rather tall for her age.

I think the bigger question is how I modify it ONCE per section. So far, I get to a point with the sweater and the "little miss" starts with "but, MOM, can't you do blahblahblah". Um, no. Next time, dearie-pie. In general though, it seems like I'll make the sections longer, but not really wider. Seems like toddler clothes have a lot of roominess that either a bigger kid doesn't need or doesn't need any more than the pattern started out with. Time will tell though.