Summer Lovin'

We interrupt this blog for some serious fun in the sun.

My new granny square afghan-to-be became the perfect travel companion. Being a crochet project, the chances of losing my hooks or needles was reduced by half. Being the easy-to-memorize granny square, no pattern (or thought for that matter) was needed.

Just as I was ready to get started, my long awaited vacation arrived. I went to San Diego, my home in the high school years.

My wee-afghan-to-be wanted to get some sun:


Me? I was all about the water.


A headcold, a sunburn, and an amazing trip later, I'm home and ready to dedicate myself to the cause of the granny square!



Your granny square no pattern needed is what I have been looking for, for about 5yrs. How about either sharing the non-pattern or telling where you got it...Please

I'll definitely include details in my next post about how the pattern came about.

Love your smiling face. x o x