Stranded at the drive-in

Project - Fair Isle Tote
Patons Project Book - 50087 Family Felting
Yarns - Patons Classic Wool in 77222 Cloverleaf, 77404 Magenta, 77710 Cherry, 00238 Paprika, 00202 Aran, 00225 Dark Grey Mix
Blogger – knittinjen

Stranded knitting or Fair Isle knitting can be intimidating to a new knitter. It looks complicated but it’s deceiving because really it isn’t hard at all. Personally, the hardest part of it for me is selecting colors.

To those of you who haven’t tried it yet – what are you waiting for? Seriously, if you’re nervous about all of the strands of yarn don’t be. There isn’t anything difficult here, in fact this specific project is knit in the round therefore you don’t even have to purl.

Eat your hearts out fellow bloggers – it is a pretty as you imagine

What stranded knitting projects have you done? Did you find it super hard?



Very pretty! A couple of years ago I got it in my head to make some super long & funky stocking caps for my little niece & nephew - like hats my siblings and I had as kids. (Being the youngest, my hat was the shortest - I was envious that my sister's hat tapered down to her knees. Mine hit my shoulder bladed.) Couldn't find a pattern anywhere. I sketched out what I wanted (here's a good tip: photocopy your b/w sketch several time then color in various options). Took it to my LYS, hoping for some tips or a basic stocking cap pattern I could do my own color work on. Nope. So I compared several basic circular hat patterns and somehow figured out the decreases. Between decreases, I came up with my own "fair isle" designs by dividing the number of stitches to find how many pattern repeats (with however many stitches) would fit. I have a master chart of several patterns, and then I just improvised the hats...I've made several now. What I learned on those first hats is to keep the tension loose!

Yeah, well, when you felt that baby, you'd better keep a good eye on the washing machine or you might find it missing. ;) GORGEOUS!

Perfect color choices. Strong work!

Thanks so much. I am very happy with how this turned out - even with my color choices.

Um, SO regretting destashing all my random half skeins of classic wool! I want that tote real BAD!

Destashing Classic Wool? Huh? As one of my favorite television characters (Bones) often says: "I don't know what that means." Seriously, I cannot imagine doing that! :-) This bag used up nearly one skein for the main color, however as most Fair Isle projects, only small amounts of the other colors. I could easily make another bag by using one of those skeins as my main color and just switching it up a little! Perfect stash-busting project!!