A Star is Taking Over My Craft Room!

Can you see me?  Or have I been sucked into the gravitational pull of my Bernat Star?  It really is big....VERY big.

To show you the current size of the afghan, I have placed all the stitches on four circular needles.  Take a look....it's about the size of a baby afghan now:

During the creation of my star afghan, it has grown too large for double points, then too big for one circular, and now it has completely filled TWO circulars!   The largest circulars I've had available in my craft room are 29 inches long....not long enough for this project.  And I don't really want to work with four circulars to make it....just too cumbersome.  (Yes, I actually tried it...so I speak from experience.)

So, I went on a search at local craft stores for some longer circular needles.  After looking at three stores, I was not successful.  The only long circulars they had were bamboo, but I cannot use bamboo needles.  They hurt my arthritic hands.  I really wanted some metal needles, so the stitches would flow easily.

After some consideration, I got in touch with a friend of mine that owns a yarn shop in town.  I had knit some samples for his shop, and had not yet been reimbursed for my work.  So, I asked him to send me two long circulars as payment.  Perfect!

Now, my stitches fit VERY well on these shiny new 40-inch circulars.  I think they will be just right for finishing up my huge star afghan.  Yay!

- Shandeh


I am very excited about the Mystery Afghan Crochet Along. My yarn is ordered as of today so sign me up for the group.

Hi Carolyn! You'll find the discussion about the Mystery CAL here: http://blog.bernat.com/2010/08/27/announcing-the-bernat-mystery-afghan-crochet-along-2/