A Star is BORN!

Yes, believe it or not.....I have actually FINISHED my Bernat Star Afghan!

YIPPEE!!!!!   :)

This is the largest project I've ever knit by myself, so I am very proud.

It sure did take a lot of persistence and patience, but it DID come to a beautiful end.  I knit my afghan using size 10 needles instead of the size suggested in the pattern.   I knew the larger needles would be easier on my hands, and I would be able to finish the afghan quicker as well.  Since I used larger needles, I was able to stop knitting with 10 rows left to go on the pattern.  I was afraid the afghan would be too large if I did all the rows....and I was right!

When I finished all the knitting, I worked on weaving in all the ends, then placed the afghan in the washing machine for a cool rinse with fabric softener.  After taking it from the washer, I took my damp afghan outside and displayed it on the front of my car for a quick photo.  Looks good, doesn't it?

As you can see, it still needed blocking.  So, I took the afghan inside, and placed it on my usual blocking pad.  But the pad was too small for this huge thing.  So, I just used push pins, and hung the afghan on the wall.  Ha!

(The wall will be worked on this year anyway, when we are having repairs done in our house.  So I'm not worried about damaging it.)

I'm very pleased with my star afghan....even though it looks a little different from the model on the Bernat website.  My star is more of a "stylized" star, instead of a straight, perfect star.  Fine with me...I'm sure my step-son will enjoy it, no matter what shape it's in.

Time to get started on my next Bernat project - Woo Hoo!

- Shandeh


Yeh, Rah to you Shandeh. The star is exquisite. You should feel very proud of yourself!

Thanks Judi! :) I'm a happy, proud knitter.

That is a wonderful afghan! It looks awesome! :)

Thanks Dina! I'm SO glad to have it finished. :)

Beautiful job!!

Thanks! I gave it to my stepson yesterday for Christmas, and he loved it!

Is there errata for this? I'm starting row 9 (48 sts on needles)and the [(k1,yo)twice K1]increase is not lining up centered over the previous [(k1, yo)twice, K1]increase. Going around this would make the points skewed and not line up straight. Or am I missing something. I've done it twice with the same result.

I noticed that happening as well, when I was using my stitch markers. On the even rows (knit all stitches), I always counted the stitches, and moved the marker over one spot for the increases to make them line up properly. Good luck with your afghan!

The star afghan is beautiful. I can't imagine myself ever finishing something that big! Now-what colors are you using in the striped-octopus, was it? I like the way they look together, but the colors in the pictures are different and I can't really tell which ones they are. But the star afghan is awesome.

Thanks! My stepson loved receiving the star afghan for Christmas this year. :) The striped octopus is being knit by DinaPurls, the other Bernat blogger. I'll let her know about your question.

Hi Linda Jack, For the octopus, I used Soft Fern (lighter green) for the main body. For the stripes, I used Fern (darker green), Moss Heather (greenish brown) and Rouge (red). I'm really liking the colour combination too.

Absolutely magnificent!

Thank you! :)

your afghan turned out lovely. I bought a 60inch long needle for this one and am collecting an assortment of pink and purple yarns. Will be a fun project.

Good plan with the 60 inch circular! The color combination sounds lovely too. Have fun with your star afghan. :)