Standout Cardigan Pt. 3

Project – Standout Cardigan
Pattern Book – Summer Standouts 500886
Yarn – Patons Silk Bamboo  85134 Royal

Things have been a bit hectic around here. Knitting time has been scarce, brain-power even scarcer.

Perfect, I hear you say, for scads of stocking-stitch on straight needles! And you're right. The perfect opportunity to make some progress on my Standout Cardigan.

So I fired up an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, grabbed my knitting bag and...


And fell.

Onto my nice, slender 14" wooden needles.


I could feel it happening, but my hands were full and there was nothing I could do to stop myself. One second I was hurrying to get myself settled (in my defense, it was Season 3, when Commander Riker is at his most adorable and oh yes, the writing is perfect). The next second I had a puncture wound in my right thigh and a sad, three-piece knitting needle.

(OK, not a puncture wound, but definitely a mark. Well, a blemish. I'm fairly sure it's going to bruise.)

I managed to get the splintered needle out of the knitting without destroying the yarn or dropping too many stitches.

Of course, if I was any kind of blogger I'd have snapped a picture of the result for you, but I'm claiming temporary insanity and glossing over any behavior unbecoming to a blogger that may have followed 'The Incident'.

But now my dilemma is: do I wait until a new set of needles arrives, or dare I venture forward with mismatched needles?


What do you say?


Knit away. AND let us know what brand and where to obtain that pretty decorative needle! Went camping once and forgot needles, but for some unknown reason we had some chopsticks.....filed the ends and knit away.