Sparkly Christmas Sleeves

Sleigh bells and snowflakes are on my mind as I work on my sparkly Christmas sweater. I just can't wait to finish my sweater, so I can wear it!

I finished the body portion, and set it aside on stitch holders. And now, I'm starting the sleeves already.

Did you notice that I added a green edging on the sweater? I think it adds a nice touch of color.

Be sure to check back to see the progress on my sweater. Won't it be fun to see the twinkly colors together in the Fair Isle yoke?

- Shandeh


Hi Shandeh, I am making the side button hooded cape but in the instructions does not tell how to sew the sides together because the buttons are just decorative. It is done in 2 pieces front & back but in photo it does show sides sewn Bernat no longer has pattern on website

Hi there! The Side Button Hooded Cape is not seamed at the sides. You just attach the buttons, and sew through both thicknesses to connect the sides together at the buttons.