Sparkle Shoelaces

Do you know a little girl who loves things that sparkle?  Whip up these cute shoelaces to add some dazzle to any pair of shoes.   Made using Simply Soft Party in Fuschia and a size F-5(3.75) crochet hook, the only thing you need to do is make a chain the desired length of the shoelaces and add a tassel to each end- Super simple!



SHOELACES (make 2)

Ch to desired length.  Tie off.


To make tassels:

For each shoelace:  Cut 2 strands yarn  6” long. Hold all strands together and fold in half forming a loop at folded end. Draw loop through one end of shoelace, thread ends of strands through loop and pull to tighten and secure. Trim ends. Repeat to attach another tassel to other end of shoelace. 


Fray ends of tassels by separating strands of yarn.  Suggestion: A yarn needle can be used to easily separate the yarn


Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.


I wish I had seen this a few months ago when one of my shoelaces broke. But no matter, because I'm definitely going to make some now for all my shoes and in complementary colors. Thanks for the cute idea!