Socks! Inspired by...socks!

Just in time for cool autumn nights, I have a squishy pair of socks.


These are the Feather and Fan socks done in Patons Kroy Socks Rich Plum Stripes. This was a fun pattern to knit, with enough detail to keep me interested, but not enough that I was chained to the pattern book. And the self-striping yarn is excellent for hiding mistakes. Since I didn't do a gauge swatch they are slightly too big (um, are you surprised?) but they'll be good for wearing around the house sans shoes. If I make these again I would make them shorter on top to accommodate my *ahem* " muscular" calves.

I may not ever be a "sock knitter" (the yarn and needles are so tiny!) but I enjoyed learning something new. I've actually been eying some other patterns in the Socks in the City book, so we'll see. It was really nice to have a project that fit inside my smaller purses. Hmmm....

But before I go off on a sock tangent, I have a project in the works that combines a few of my favorite things - knitting, Christmas, and wine. Intrigued? Come back next week and see what it is!



They came out great!! Good job!!

Awesome socks! Well done, and hooray for wine!

I just wish makers of sock yarn would remember that some sock patterns look much better in solid colors and other patterns, such as argyles, require solid colors. I like the self striping yarns, but also want the solid colors for other socks and other knitting.