Project – Easy Knit Slippers to Felt
Bernat free pattern
Blogger – Teresaknits

My felted slippers have gone from this:

to this:

And finally this:

A little too small for me, but my preschool-age daughter loves them. I guess next time I'll keep a more careful eye on the felting process and not let them go quite so long.

The Bernat Felting yarn was so pleasant to work with -- the big, thick wool was smooth on my needles and I loved how quickly the bulky-weight yarn knitted up. My only complaint was finding a few knots in each of my two balls of yarn, one in one and two in the other.

Stay tuned for my next project -- another quick knit!



I love felting! I just finished an original pattern, felting Wool Granny Squares into a scarf, It came out beautiful, Any 5 to 6 inch square can be used. Make 12 to 14 squares and sew together end to end, add fringe to each end. Your tips are very helpful, thanks, Birdie Gee

So cute! Would love to make a pair, but sigh, again with the wool allergy :-(

Was wondering if there will be another " Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along " this year. Had so much fun last year :~) Jean H

Hi Jean - We do have one in the works, but you'll need to hold off for early 2012 for the big announcement!

You mean u will not be having a Crochet-Along this yr. :(

That was the first one i had ever done and i had a blast. I hadn`t crocheted for many yrs. so i was learning alot i didn`t know.

I bought four rolls of Baby Blue # 2013-05-802 ( 161103 ), each one of them had 3 breaks which were tied together. I would like my money back or four more rolls. I will not buy bernat yarn again unless I get either the money or the rolls.