Slipper Socks Make Me Feel Cozy

Back to my Slipper Socks.  I'm knitting these in Patons Classic Wool, Jade Heather.  This is a really pretty yarn.  Now that I've seen it in person I'm sure I'll be ordering many more of the "heather" colors in the future.

It took me a while to figure out the pattern, since it's written in "cable panel" format.  This is where instructions are given for each cable panel separately and then you're told where to place each panel in the pattern.  I found it helpful to write out a basic chart showing which row of each panel pattern I should be on at any given time.  (Panels A and B are eight rows long and Panel C is 32 rows long, so for example when I'm on row 11 of C I should be doing a row 3 of A and B).  It's a bit confusing at first, but if you take the time to carefully read the pattern and think it through it makes sense.

Now that I have a good grasp of the pattern I can be found sitting here in my warm house looking out at the cold snow, cabling away!



I've had to do that as well and it works well for me (take that to mean I couldn't do it any other way!)

I've done that with lace patterns--otherwise fuggetaboutit! I can't remember where I am. Really is a good way to do it especially with the multiple cable charts-yikes. And the heathers are lovely, aren't they?!

I really like the heather shades too! I was drooling over the Jade Heather the other day in the store.