Sharp Heels

Project – Basic Fine Sock
Patons Pattern Book #500861 – Next Steps Four – Socks and Slippers
Yarn – Patons Kroy Socks in Sailor Stripes
Blogger – YoElizbo

Socks always think they are done when they come off the needles and the ends are woven in, but for me, there is one more step: Reinforcing the heels.

Some people have a sharp wit, I apparently have sharp heels. I go right through hand knit socks in a matter of a few wearings if I don't take the time to reinforce the heels beforehand.

So to prevent the tragedy that is a Big-O hole from happening, my last step in any sock knitting is a quick preventative, and some might say, a not so pretty use of the extra yarn to make a second layer in my heels. But from where I sit (or rather stand) I don't see it because it is: a) mostly on the bottom of my foot and 2) I would rather have socks I can wear than admire from the confines of my sock drawer.

So if you have sharp heels, or pointy toes, or some other spot that goes from knit to non-existent, here is what to do: anchor a long piece of yarn and begin weaving in and out of the knit stitches in the heel (or the needed spot.) I do it in one direction and then another and just add what is essentially a second layer to the heel.

And when I do finally go through the reinforced heels (because I will--I always do) I have more threads there for darning, which makes the repair easier and quicker so I can continue to wear them. Because nothing is better than hand knit socks. Like these!



Oo, thanks for sharing the photos of this. You could always use your 'sharp heels' as an excuse to go for weekly pedicures, just to make sure your socks last longer, of course. (Hey, sock yarn can get expensive!)