Sensory Afghan!

Project – Textured Crochet Blocks Afghan (crochet)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Stretch in Purple Ping Pong, Jungle Jump, Blue Boing
Blogger – KristinR

I am so excited about this next project that I can hardly contain myself!   (I'll try, I promise!)

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that my daughter Abbi has Autism.  Many people with Autism also have Sensory Integration Disorder.  Abbi is one of those kids.  For her, that means that the world around her can be quite a bit overwhelming.  Having something predictable and pleasant for her to touch can help to calm her and give her positive sensory input.

When I saw the Textured Crochet Blocks Afghan pattern I was giddy with the possibilities.  I love all the different textures on the blanket, and am sure that Abbi will agree that it is perfect for her.  The versatility of the pattern allows me to pick colors that work best for her room as well.

Being the rebel that I am, I decided to switch up the yarns from what the pattern suggested.  It originally called for Bernat Super Value, and I decided to try out a new yarn, Bernat Baby Stretch.  It is a textured yarn which is perfect for this project.  It also stretches!  This will make for a nice added feature so we can wrap her up in it like a burrito and give her some "hugs" with the blanket.  People with Sensory Integration Disorder usually really enjoy deep pressure like that.

The final reason that made me just fall in love with this yarn was the color.  The colors that I chose were Purple Ping Pong, Jungle Jump and Blue Boing.  With names like that, how could you not love them?  They're rich, deep colors that pop when you look at them, and as luck would have it, they match Abbi's room perfectly!

I was able to finish the first batch of patterned blocks.  So far, I am really enjoying this project!  I cannot wait to see the finished piece.  Even more exciting is the anticipation of seeing Abbi really get to enjoy it when it is completed!



I love this pattern. I am going to make this my next project!!

I want to try a project with stretch yarn - are you learning any good tips for how to work with it?

Hello! My son has sensory processing disorder (similar to sensory integration disorder) and this would be a great one to replace his comforter he has been using for self management. Thank you so much! Take care!