Seed Stitch & Cable Bag

Project – Seed Stitch and Cables Bag
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Shetland Chunky in Lilac Lace
Blogger – JDKnits

After you've been knitting for a while you start to get a feeling for the kinds of yarns that you enjoy playing with. Some people are dedicated natural fiber folk, some are advocates of acrylic while others, like me, enjoy a particular feel (fuzzy or smooth or lofty or tight-and-pillfree).

I like my yarns squishy and soft, even if it does make the resulting garments a little less hardwearing. I reckon I'm going to be knitting enough that I can afford to make things that won't last forever!

Patons Shetland Chunky

This yarn is delightfully lofty and soft, especially for a workhorse acrylic. I really wasn't expecting it to feel so nice as I knit. The vivid and uniform color is perfect for a complicated cable pattern like this one; it shows it off beautifully.

seed stitch & cable bag

And when I say 'complicated cable pattern' don't be scared. One of the fabulous things about cable is that it often looks a lot more complex than it is to knit. My friend Carol, a recent convert to the knitting ranks, recently started her first cable project and said,

"Oh? Is that all there is to it?"

(I think she had to revise her previous estimatation of me as a Knitting Goddess, now that she'd had a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes on Mount Knitlympus!)

But back to the pattern

There are certainly complicated cable patterns out there, that leave me counting and cursing and reaching for my stitch markers, but this one is not one of those.

After a few rows, it quickly becomes one of those patterns that 'speaks' to you. You can put away the pattern print-out after a couple of repeats of the 8-row pattern (although I would recommend using a row counter to keep track of exactly where you are).

Having knitted bags with seed stitch and cable before, I'm considering trying out my limited sewing skills to line this bag. Since this isn't going to be felted, I know that as soon as I put my keys into the bag and start walking, they're going to wiggle their way out of the gaps between the stitches, and start stabbing me.

Luckily for me, this is a simple, envelope-shaped bag -- no flat bottom or gores to worry about -- so even my meagre sewing skills should suffice.

Now I just have to find a really cute, complimentary piece of fabric, not to mention I need an awesome button.

I think a trip to the craft store is in order. What a hardship...



Another cool bag to add to my list. I do think lining the bags is the way to go and it isn't that hard--and it is fun to pick out a cool fabric to line it with. That color will give you all kinds of wild possibilities!

I know, I'm thinking something shimmery with greens in it...