Roving On A Road Trip

Project – Cropped Raglan Cardigan
Patons Pattern Book #500880 – Anti Freeze
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool Roving in Moss, Yellow, Magenta, Cherry
Blogger – JDknits

Since my cardigan has been behaving itself, I decided to take it on a road trip.

Here it is enjoying the rolling farmland of Pennsylvania.

Country Cardi

Here is is, begging to be let off at the exit for Hershey, PA (we said no, not this time. Sorry, Cardigan!)

No Chocolate, For You!

It assures me it enjoyed the dip into beautiful West Virginia ("Almost heaven!"), even if it wouldn't pose for a picture there

And here it is, almost complete, in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it endured thunderstorms and humidity but refused to come to the water park with us.

Cropped cardi bits

Roving In The Summer? No Sweat!

Speaking of heat and humidity, I was a bit worried about having chosen this project as a summer knit. It's a bulky wool roving, after all, and the day I opened the box to look at the wool was the same day that spring fled and our early summer heatwave descended.

However, I can assure you that working this project in this yarn in record-breaking heat has been, well, no sweat.

In part this is because I'm working on a cropped cardigan and the pieces are relatively small.

The other reason, however, has something to do with how wool deals with temperature. It doesn't care. Heat? Cold? Pah, wool is not letting it in. Wool just keeps its own temperature. I think it has something to do with all the air it stores in its core, but this lofty wool just feels cool and aloof as it slips through my fingers. It has been surprisingly easy to work with in the heat of summer.

So now, I have ripped out the back section and am re-knitting it with the new, preferred color scheme. I think that'll occupy some of the time on our road trip back, and then it's on to blocking and button-bands and the final reveal.

Stay tuned...

Until then, keep knitting,


That is going to be so cute. And nice to hear the roving is heat proof. It is horribly hot here in Seattle right now, and since no one has AC, I just have to give up knitting for a few days until it drops down under eighty. Even socks seem too hot.

Heat proof to some extent. I'm not saying I'd *wear* it just now, mind you. No AC? Ooo, I remember those days. Glad to have it now, although I wish I lived somewhere I didn't actually need it more than a few days a year!