Roving my way through

Project – Felted Cable Bag (free download)
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool Roving in 77404 Orchid
Blogger – knittinjen

The Felted Cable Bag is knit flat and sewn before felting but I decided to convert it to knit in the round. Since it will be felted I am not concerned on whether it will fit or not so I did not adjust the number of stitches.

In the early stages of knitting something I decide whether I’ll knit "exactly" as the pattern is written or adjust things to suit me. I more often than not do some adjusting. With this pattern, for example, I selected using Patons Classic Wool Roving rather than Patons SWS and I am torn on whether I like the idea of tying the straps. Don't get me wrong, I like that I could adjust the length depending on what I’m carrying. But, I won’t concern myself with that too much right now since I’m just getting started.

Gorgeous color

Having 200 stitches sounds overwhelming but with this bulky weight yarn I don’t mind. Getting one round done doesn’t take too long so I expect (remember I’m not a fan of the math) to finish this pretty quickly.

By the way, I’m loving me some Patons Classic Wool Roving yarn! A perfect alternative to my all-time fav:  Patons Classic Wool.



Love that color! Can't wait to try this yarn and will be thrilled to hear your results felting with it.

Doesn't this yarn feel great while you're knitting? That colour is going to make a big splash as you carry it around town!

Will the roving change the gauge much? Or did the original pattern call for double strands? At least gauge doesn't matter much with bags. I can't wait to try the roving...if it ever gets here.