Roving Cardigan is Coming Along

Project – Cropped Raglan Cardigan
Patons Pattern Book #500880 – Anti Freeze
Yarn –
Patons Classic Wool Roving in Moss, Yellow, Magenta, Orchid
Blogger – JDknits

Last time, I mentioned that I wasn't happy with the way I had put together the colors on the back of the Cropped Cardigan from Anti-Freeze.

Rather than rip back straight away, I decided to work the fronts a different way. Clever me, eh? This being a cardigan, working the front means half the width, which meant half as much knitting before I could see the results of my new combo:

Cropped Cardigan

I like it much better than the original combination:

Cropped Cardigan

I realize that -- being loud and colorful-- it might not you your cup of tea, but I love it. I do like the original colors in the booklet, and can totally imagine doing this in the green I chose, but with more subtle accent colors (the Natural, Taupe and Grey, for example). I, however, like a little zing, so I'm sticking with my yellow, magenta and orchid.

Maybe I'll just carry around spare sunglasses to issue to folks who have to talk to me for lengthy periods of time ;)

Choosing Colors

It is difficult for a lot of us to pick our own palette.

Learning how to use a color wheel can help: opposing hues will clash - which might be what you want - while colors that are near each other on the wheel will create a soothing, complementary palette. A couple of graphic artists have told me that a great way to pick colors is to find a painting or a flower or anything else you really love and then get up close and see what colors are making up the image. (You can use one of those cheap, kid's 'fly eye' toys to fragment the image and help you see things differently). Then, pick the colors you like from the ones that pop out of your favored image.

Another thing to remember is to pick some light and some dark yarns, to create contrast. Lighter colors will seem to come 'forward', darker ones will seem more backgroundy.

(Don't you love all that technical artistic jargon I threw in there? Ah, my classically-trained artist aunt would hide her face if she could hear me talk)


Meanwhile, it's on to the sleeves. These are some big wide sleeves. I think it's a cute feature of this sweater, but can you believe you cast on more stitches for the sleeve cuff than you do for the back?! Crazy!

Cropped Cardigan
Big Ol' Sleeves

Until next time, keep knitting,


P.S. Have you learned any tricks about using and choosing colors? I'd love to hear them.


I have such a hard time picking complementary colors that I usually work in solid colors or use variegated yarn. What a great suggestion to look at art and take cues from professionals! I never would have paired the green with the pinks in your project but they look fantastic - so fun! Looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan.