Roving Cabled Cardigan Looking Great!

Project – Cable Yoke Sweater
Bernat Pattern Book #530197 – Cold Front
Yarn – Bernat Roving in 00103 Lazuli
Blogger – Shandeh

My cabled cardigan is growing and looking beautiful!  I'm so pleased with the way the cables and textures are arranged with this design.

I've finished the body of the cardigan, as well as the sleeves.  Now, it's time to make the yoke and center panels.  And I still need to choose just the right pretty buttons for it.

Here's how it looks right now:

Nice!  I can't believe I'm going to have such a gorgeous cardigan in my wardrobe.  And it all started with just yarn and knitting needles.  Amazing.

My sister's cardigan is going faster than mine, since she's doing the shorter version.  She's already finished the yoke!  Doesn't it look FABULOUS?!

The hardest part of this design is all the different "picking up stitches" sections, but after you get them figured out, it's not so bad.   The most time-consuming part is knitting the body.  That took FOREVER!

I had to use my vintage dpns to make the sleeves.  I love those old knitting needles. :)  Too bad they are no longer available.

Here's a view of the pretty detail on the sleeve.  Fancy!

I think the yoke and center panels should go fast.   Here's hoping!

- Shandeh


Shandeh- both are looking great indeed! I love the horizontal cable. Can't wait to see the finished products!

Thank you Tillie! The Roving yarn has been so fun to work with, and has a beautiful stitch definition - especially with the cables. Love it!

Shandeh, You and your sister have inspired me. The sweaters are working up beautifully. And your info and encouragement about picking up ALL THOSE STITCHES helped me to decide to do this project. I will knit the short version - in the Putty color. I orderd the pattern book and yarn yesterday. Wish me luck! --Bonny

Yay! I'm SO pleased to inspire you! Just makes my day. :) I think you will really enjoy working with the Roving yarn - so squishy and soft and fun. And this pattern is very well written - makes it easy to knit. You can DO it! (thumbs up) Good luck, Bonny!