'Round and 'round and 'round she goes...

Project – Knitting Tote
Patons Pattern Book #500871 – Family Felting
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Dragon Dance
Blogger – K1Paula2

Yes, the body of my new project is worked in the round. (Yay! I love knitting in the round.) I'm making the Felted Knitting Tote from the much ballyhooed Paton's Classic Wool Family Felting book.

See why I was so stunned that another blogger hadn't already claimed this project? Not only is it cute and fun to make, it's a tote bag - for knitters!

With so many Patons Classic Wool color options, color selection was tough. So I enlisted my graphic designer sister and our creative sister-in-law (a fellow knitteress - yes that's a word; I invented it) to help me choose the colors. Seeing me once again gravitating toward blues and greens, they both told me I really needed to switch things up a bit. (After seeing three of my four completed projects you might assume I love blues and greens. They're great colors, but the truth is I don't have any favorite colors. I just hate yellow. Gold and ocher are okay, but I loathe butter-, mustard- and lemon-yellows.)

Sis-in-law suggested Dragon Dance - it's a new variegated yarn in sunset hues. My sister liked it, too. I loved it. Using variegated yarn for the body of the bag makes sense, since it might help hide dirt. We kicked around a couple options for the contrasting colors, and decided on Plum Heather for the pockets and Yellow (it's not one of those yellows, it's closer to gold) for the accent. It's also one of the tones within Dragon Dance, which should help tie it all together.

Using variegated yarn keeps the big stretches of knitting from getting boring. It's so cool to watch the colors pool and stripe. When you see how some spots look kind of like flame, the name Dragon Dance really makes sense:

Pretty, isn't it?



Ok, another fellow Patons's blogger I have to get hostile with. I wanted to knit that and brag about it. But I love your idea of doing it in the variegated yarns. So I guess I am glad you went first.

Hey, you chose to do the slippers first. You faltered, I swept in. And while you tried calling dibs on then entire pattern book, it was too late. Bwahaha! KnittinJen and I had already claimed some projects. seriously, I was stunned one of you didn't choose this one first. Tailor made for knitters!

What a great bag! I can't wait to see how the color works.

This too was on my radar and will keep an eye on how yours comes along!

Get your needles ready - I think you're going to want to make this, too. This would make a good knit-along project. It's pretty simple, and what knitter doesn't need a knitting tote? (Well, other than my sister-in-law who is a knitter / tote bag addict with more totes than she can probably count.)

Oo, I love it. Those colors are awesome too. Watching this one to see how it turns out...