Rip, Rip, Rip

Project – Monster Vest
Bernat Pattern Book #530202 Sweet Treats
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Clear Sailing, Lemon Drop, Shamrock
Blogger – DinaPurls

One would hope that a newcomer to intarsia would check out all the available resources on working the technique BEFORE starting.   At least that's what a sane person would do.  Perhaps I'm a skein short of sane.   Why?  Oh maybe 'cuz I thought that "winging it" would work.  Ha! (Although in my defence, I was outdoors and had no access to any online tutorials or videos)

I took pictures of the fiasco, but really who wants to see a disaster?  It's just plain shameful and down-right embarrassing.  And to add insult to injury (yes, my pride is a wee bit shaken), I knitted at least 6" before ripping out!  Talk about amplifying a mess!  (I have no defence for that one--maybe just some inane  hope that the knitting fairies would fix it for me while I wasn't looking).

Long story short: I ripped, ripped, ripped . . . . thankfully only to the rib section (at least I can still rib without making boo-boos).

After viewing a couple of good videos on YouTube, I restarted using the CORRECT method.  I think the biggest stumbling block for me was realizing that intarsia is not about knitting a single piece; rather you are knitting several pieces (that may or may not be the same colour).  These separate pieces are only connected by a single twist.  Once I figured that out, the piece started to look "right".

Check out the right side:

Check out the wrong side:

It's nice to learn something new ;)

DinaPurls :)


I'm sorry for the ripping (though you made me feel SO much better about my current project - and next post - ) It looks beautiful now :)

Ripping out is never fun, but sometimes it has to be done.