The Right Tools

Project – Lacy Shell
Bernat Pattern Book #530163 Beautiful Bamboo
Yarn – Bernat Bamboo in Rain Garden
Blogger – DinaPurls

I've been intrigued by my fellow bloggers' projects, especially the ones using Bernat Bamboo.  So I decided to try out it too.  All I can say is "Wow!".   The feel is truly silky and soft.  I'm using a new colour called Rain Garden--very subtle and soothing (reminds me of running waters through a lush forest)

My only complaint thus far: finding the right tools.  My problem hasn't been needle size (although I can't be the only vexed by gauge issues); rather my problem has been deciding on the type of needle: wood, bamboo, plastic or metal.  So swatching involved trying various needles.

The verdict?  Bamboo or wooden needles are best when using slippery bamboo yarn.  Plastic is second, but I would never use metal 'cuz it's just too darn slippery (even though metal needles are my most favorite).  And who wants to lose a yarn over while knitting lace?

And yes, my other decision did involve finding the right size needle too.  One thing working in my favour: lace will stretch and block out.  Also, bamboo generally has a nice drape and can even stretch a little.  So I plan to use my bamboo needles in 5mm and go for XL for most of the tank (although I reserve the right to decrease to a large size once I reach the bust area).

DinaPurls :)


Very pretty pattern and very pretty yarn. It will be interesting to see how the variegation works with the pattern. Good note about needles too. Eva

I have to go back and look - I don't think I realized the bamboo came in that colorway. It is beautiful! This is going to turn out so lovely for you.

Thanks ladies. I too am curious as to how the variegation will work out--its always a surprise. And Michelle, it's a new colour.