The Right Kind of Frogging

Project – Zip Neck Saddle Shoulder Pullover (Boy)
Patons free pattern
Yarn – Patons New Canadiana in Lime Juice

I've started work on the Zip Neck Saddle Shoulder Pullover for my younger son. I ordered a different (brighter) green than I thought I had ordered, but the recipient tells me he loves it and wants to wear a sweater in just this color. How fortunate.

(I may think he's going to look like Kermit the Frog, but he simply doesn't care. I love Five. Five years old can be really fun.)

It took me a while to get into the rhythm of the ribbing pattern (which is different on either side of the work) but I got there with no mistakes, as it turned out. It's just like trying to train your brain to let you drive to your new house instead of your old one. My fingers wanted to go K1, P1, but they had to do something else instead.

It's worth it, though, because the ribbing is really pretty. The waves and ridges make me ridiculously happy. Look, I loved it so much, I took lots of pictures until I got some that showed it off just right.

and this

Then it was on to acres of stocking stitch, but really, who's going to complain about the amount of stocking stitch that goes into a sweater for a five year old? Not I.

Before I knew it I was decreasing for raglan sleeves and shoulders, and casting off. Next up, the front, pausing only to second YoElizbo's motion that the new Patons Canadiana be celebrated throughout the universe as a surprisingly soft and delicious acrylic. Very easy on the hands.

Next time: fronts and, I hope, sleeves



The perfect boy sweater. And I love them at five because they are so open to anything! I have a carpool and the 1st grader the other day shocked me when he said he wanted a hat with pink in it. Now the other boys in the car where appalled, but not that plucky, I know what I like, 1st grader. Pink, was his vote.

I love the ribbing!